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Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
Corey Tochor, Saskatchewan Party
Since May 17, 2016
Government House Leader
Paul Merriman, Saskatchewan Party
Since June 5, 2014
Government Whip
Opposition House Leader
Opposition Whip
Seats 61
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan - Party Layout Chart Nov. 2016.svg
Political groups

Government (50)

Opposition (11)

Last election
April 4, 2016
Next election
29th Saskatchewan general election
Meeting place
Sask Legislative Bldg.jpg
Legislative Building, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan

The Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan is one of two components of the Legislature of Saskatchewan, the other being the Queen of Canada in Right of Saskatchewan, (represented by the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan).[1] The Legislature has been unicameral since its establishment; there has never been a provincial upper house.

The Legislature meets at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina.

There are 61 ridings in the province which elect MLAs to the Legislative Assembly. All are single-member districts, though the cities of Regina, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw have been represented by multi-member constituencies in the past.


Legislature Start End Premier Opposition Leader
1st 1905 1908 Walter Scott Frederick Haultain
2nd 1908 1912 Walter Scott Frederick Haultain
3rd 1912 1917 Walter Scott Wellington Willoughby
William Martin
4th 1917 1921 William Martin Donald Maclean
5th 1921 1925 William Martin John Maharg
Charles Dunning Harris Turner
6th 1925 1929 Charles Dunning Charles Tran
James Gardiner James Anderson
7th 1929 1934 James Gardiner James Anderson
James Anderson James Gardiner
8th 1934 1938 James Gardiner George Williams
William Patterson
9th 1938 1944 William Patterson George Williams
John Brockelbank
10th 1944 1948 Tommy Douglas William Patterson
11th 1948 1952 Tommy Douglas Walter Tucker
12th 1952 1956 Tommy Douglas Walter Tucker
Asmundur Loptson
Alexander McDonald
13th 1956 1960 Tommy Douglas Alexander McDonald
14th 1960 1964 Tommy Douglas W. Ross Thatcher
Woodrow Lloyd
15th 1964 1967 W. Ross Thatcher Woodrow Lloyd
16th 1967 1971 W. Ross Thatcher Woodrow Lloyd
Allan Blakeney
17th 1971 1975 Allan Blakeney W. Ross Thatcher
David Steuart
18th 1975 1978 Allan Blakeney David Steuart
Edward Malone
19th 1978 1982 Allan Blakeney Richard Collver
Eric Berntson
20th 1982 1986 Grant Devine Allan Blakeney
21st 1986 1991 Grant Devine Allan Blakeney
Roy Romanow
22nd 1991 1995 Roy Romanow Grant Devine
Rick Swenson
Bill Boyd
23rd 1995 1999 Roy Romanow Lynda Haverstock
Ken Krawetz
24th 1999 2003 Roy Romanow Elwin Hermanson
Lorne Calvert
25th 2003 2007 Lorne Calvert Elwin Hermanson
Brad Wall
26th 2007 2011 Brad Wall Lorne Calvert
Dwain Lingenfelter
27th 2011 2016 Brad Wall Dwain Lingenfelter
John Nilson
Cam Broten
28th 2016 2020 Brad Wall Trent Wotherspoon

Party standings[edit]

The current party standings in the legislature are as follows:

Affiliation Members
  Saskatchewan Party 50
     NDP 11
Total 61
Government Majority 37


Name Party Riding
  Tina Beaudry-Mellor SK Party Regina University
  Carla Beck NDP Regina Lakeview
  Buckley Belanger NDP Athabasca
  Steven Bonk SK Party Moosomin
  Bill Boyd SK Party Kindersley
  Fred Bradshaw SK Party Carrot River Valley
  Greg Brkich SK Party Arm River
  David Buckingham SK Party Saskatoon Westview
  Jennifer Campeau SK Party Saskatoon Fairview
  Lori Carr SK Party Estevan
  Danielle Chartier NDP Saskatoon Riversdale
  Ken Cheveldayoff SK Party Saskatoon Willowgrove
  Herb Cox SK Party The Battlefords
  Dan D'Autremont SK Party Cannington
  Terry Dennis SK Party Canora-Pelly
  Mark Docherty SK Party Regina Coronation Park
  Kevin Doherty SK Party Regina Northeast
  Larry Doke SK Party Cut Knife-Turtleford
  Dustin Duncan SK Party Weyburn-Big Muddy
  Bronwyn Eyre SK Party Saskatoon Stonebridge-Dakota
  Muhammad Fiaz SK Party Regina Pasqua
  David Forbes NDP Saskatoon Centre
  Joe Hargrave SK Party Prince Albert Carlton
  Donna Harpauer SK Party Humboldt-Watrous
  Jeremy Harrison SK Party Meadow Lake
  Glen Hart SK Party Last Mountain-Touchwood
  Nancy Heppner SK Party Martensville-Warman
  Warren Kaeding SK Party Melville-Saltcoats
  Delbert Kirsch SK Party Batoche
  Lisa Lambert SK Party Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood
  Greg Lawrence SK Party Moose Jaw Wakamow
  Gene Makowsky SK Party Regina Gardiner Park
  Dave Marit SK Party Wood River
  Warren McCall NDP Regina Elphinstone-Centre
 ; Don McMorris SK Party Indian Head-Milestone
  Ryan Meili NDP Saskatoon Meewasin
  Paul Merriman SK Party Saskatoon Silverspring-Sutherland
  Warren Michelson SK Party Moose Jaw North
  Scott Moe SK Party Rosthern-Shellbrook
  Don Morgan SK Party Saskatoon Southeast
  Hugh Nerlien SK Party Kelvington-Wadena
  Eric Olauson SK Party Saskatoon University
  Greg Ottenbreit SK Party Yorkton
  Kevin Phillips SK Party Melfort
  Nicole Rancourt NDP Prince Albert Northcote
  Jim Reiter SK Party Rosetown-Elrose
  Laura Ross SK Party Regina Rochdale
  Nicole Sarauer NDP Regina Douglas Park
  Cathy Sproule NDP Saskatoon Nutana
  Doug Steele SK Party Cypress Hills
  Warren Steinley SK Party Regina Walsh Acres
  Lyle Stewart SK Party Lumsden-Morse
  Christine Tell SK Party Regina Wascana Plains
  Corey Tochor SK Party Saskatoon Eastview
  Doyle Vermette NDP Cumberland
  Brad Wall SK Party Swift Current
  Randy Weekes SK Party Biggar-Sask Valley
  Nadine Wilson SK Party Saskatchewan Rivers
  Trent Wotherspoon NDP Regina Rosemont
  Gordon Wyant SK Party Saskatoon Northwest
  Colleen Young SK Party Lloydminster
Speaker of the Assembly

Current seating plan[edit]

Meili Sarauer McCall Beck Rancourt
Vermette Chartier Belanger WOTHERSPOON Sproule Forbes
Moe Stewart Wyant Reiter Morgan WALL Harpauer Doherty Duncan Beaudry-Mellor Hargrave D’Autremont
Brkich Weekes Ross Ottenbreit Harrison Merriman Eyre Tell Marit Cheveldayoff Boyd Heppner
Hart Kirsch Bradshaw Steinley Makowsky Phillips Lawrence Wilson Campeau Docherty Michelson Doke Cox
Kaeding Buckingham Lambert Nerlien Carr Bonk McMorris Dennis Fiaz Young Steele Olauson

Current Executive Council/Cabinet[edit]

For current cabinet see Executive Council of Saskatchewan.


In September 2013 the Legislature established the position of Usher of the Black Rod.[3] Their role is functionally similar to the one for the Senate of Canada. Rick Mantey was the first person to hold the office. The current Usher of the Black Rod, as of 2014, is Ben Walsh.[4]

The Black Rod was made by Scott Olson Goldsmith of Regina.[5]

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