8th General Assembly of Newfoundland

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8th General Assembly of Newfoundland
Colonial Building seat of the Newfoundland government and the House of Assembly from January 28, 1850, to July 28, 1959.
Preceded by7th General Assembly of Newfoundland
Succeeded by9th General Assembly of Newfoundland
Frederick Carter
since 1865
Last election
1861 Newfoundland general election

The members of the 8th General Assembly of Newfoundland were elected in the Newfoundland general election held in May 1861. The general assembly sat from 1861 to 1865.

Hugh Hoyles, leader of the Conservative Party, had been appointed premier and invited to form a government in March after his predecessor was dismissed by the governor. Hoyle's government was defeated in a non-confidence vote prompting a general election in May which Hoyles and his party won, allowing Hoyles to continue as Newfoundland's premier[1] until March 1865, when he accepted a post on the Newfoundland Supreme Court. Frederick Carter succeeded Hoyles as party leader and premier. Carter formed a coalition government with Liberals Ambrose Shea and John Kent.[2]

Frederick Carter was chosen as speaker,[3] serving until April 1865, when William Whiteway became speaker.[4]

Sir Alexander Bannerman served as colonial governor of Newfoundland until 1864.[5] Sir Anthony Musgrave succeeded Bannerman as governor.[6]

Frederick Carter and Ambrose Shea represented Newfoundland at the 1864 Quebec Conference on Canadian Confederation.[7]

Members of the Assembly[edit]

The following members were elected to the assembly in 1861:[7]

Member Electoral district Affiliation
John Bemister Bay de Verde Conservative
Stephen March Bonavista Bay Conservative
John Henry Warren Conservative
Matthew W. Walbank Conservative
Daniel W. Prowse Burgeo-La Poile Conservative
Edward Evans Burin Conservative
Hugh Hoyles Conservative
Edmund Hanrahan Carbonear Liberal
Thomas Glen Ferryland Liberal
Edward Dalton Shea Liberal
Robert Carter Fortune Bay Conservative
John Hayward Harbour Grace[nb 1] Liberal
Henry J. Moore Liberal
Thomas Byrne Harbour Main[nb 2] Liberal
Patrick Nowlan Liberal
Ambrose Shea Placentia and St. Mary's Liberal
W. G. Flood Liberal
Richard McGrath Liberal
John Leamon Port de Grave Conservative
John Kent St. John's East Liberal
Robert John Parsons Liberal
John Kavanagh Liberal
John Casey St. John's West Liberal
Thomas Talbot Liberal
Henry Renouf Liberal
Stephen Rendell Trinity Bay Conservative
John Winter Conservative
F.B.T. Carter Conservative
William Whiteway Twillingate and Fogo Conservative
Thomas Knight Conservative


  1. ^ No result; by-election held November 1861
  2. ^ Invalid return; result decided by assembly committee


By-elections were held to replace members for various reasons:

Electoral district Member elected Affiliation Election date Reason
Placentia and St. Mary's Pierce M. Barron Liberal 1861 W G Flood resigned seat in 1861[7]
Carbonear John Rorke Conservative 1863 E Hanrahan resigned seat in 1863[7]
Bonavista Bay Frederick J. Wyatt Conservative 1864 M W Walbank resigned seat in 1864[7]



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