A.S.D. Thermal Teolo

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Thermal Teolo logo.jpg
Full name A.S.D. Thermal Calcio Abano (2005–2011)
A.S.D. Thermal Abano Teolo (2011–2015)
A.S.D. Thermal Teolo (2015–)
Founded 2005
Ground Campo sportivo "G.E. Lugli",
Teolo, Italy
League Promozione

A.S.D. Thermal Teolo is an Italian football club based in Teolo, Veneto. Currently it plays in Italy's Promozione.


The logo used from 2005 to 2011.

Thermal Abano and Teolo[edit]

The club was founded in 2005 as Thermal Abano in Abano Terme. In 2011 it was renamed Thermal Abano Teolo after the merger with C.S.R.Teolo.

Serie D[edit]

The logo used from 2011 to 2015.

In the season 2012–13 the team was promoted for the first time, from Eccellenza Veneto/A to Serie D/D. At the end of the 2014–15 season in Serie D/D, they were relegated to Eccellenza.[1]

Thermal Teolo[edit]

In 2015 it was renamed Thermal Teolo after the departure from the city of Abano Terme. At the end of the 2016–17 season in Eccellenza, they were relegated to Promozione.

Colours and badge[edit]

The team's colours are white and sky blue.


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