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ARIA Award for Best Country Album
Presented byAustralian Recording Industry Association (ARIA)
First awarded1987
Currently held byMorgan Evans, Things That We Drink To (2019)

The ARIA Music Award for Best Country Album, is an award presented at the annual ARIA Music Awards, which recognises "the many achievements of Aussie artists across all music genres",[1] since 1987. It is handed out by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), an organisation whose aim is "to advance the interests of the Australian record industry."[2]

Winners and nominees[edit]

In the following table, the winner is highlighted in a separate colour, and in boldface; the nominees are those that are not highlighted or in boldface.[3][4][5][6] Full nominees for 1988 are not available in published sources.[3]

  Winner marked in a separate colour
Year Winner(s) Album Title
John Williamson Mallee Boy
Jean Stafford Burning Bright
Johnny Chester There's a Shadow on the Moon Tonight
Slim Dusty Stories I Wanted to Tell
The Three Chord Wonders Try Change
Flying Emus This Town
John Williamson Boomerang Café
Flying Emus "I Just Want to Dance With You"
Slim Dusty G'day, G'day!
Smoky Dawson & Trevor Knight "High Country"
Jenine Vaughan "Gypsy Man"
John Williamson Warragul
Slim Dusty & Anne Kirkpatrick Two Singers, One Song
Ted Egan This Land Australia
The Flying Emus Postcards From Paradise
The Happening Thang The Happening Thang
James Blundell Hand It Down
Luhrs & Crawford Midnight In Paradise
Norma Murphy Closer Now
Slim Dusty Coming Home
Various Artists Breaking Ground - New Directions in Country Music
Anne Kirkpatrick Out of the Blue
James Blundell "Time on His Hands"
Graeme Connors Tropicali
Keith Urban "Only You"
John Williamson Waratah St
Lee Kernaghan The Outback Club
James Blundell This Road
Colin Buchanan Hard Times
Keith Urban and Slim Dusty "Lights on the Hill"
Brent Parlane Brent Parlane
Lee Kernaghan Three Chain Road
Graeme Connors The Return
Slim Dusty Ringer from the Top End
Anne Kirkpatrick Game of Love
John Williamson Love Is a Good Woman
Troy Cassar-Daley Beyond the Dancing
Slim Dusty Natural High
Gina Jeffreys The Flame
Lee Kernaghan Country Crowd
Jane Saunders Strangers to Your Heart
The Dead Ringer Band Home Fires
Graeme Connors The Here and Now
Lee Kernaghan 1959
Tania Kernaghan December Moon
The Wheel The Wheel
Graeme Connors The Road Less Travelled
The Dead Ringer Band Living in the Circle
The Ranch The Ranch
Tina Martyn Lying in My Bed
Troy Cassar-Daley "True Believers"
Shanley Del My Own Sweet Time
Colin Buchanan Edge of the Kimberley
Troy Cassar-Daley True Believer
Gina Jeffreys Someboy's Daughter
The Wheel Good Noise
Kasey Chambers The Captain
Adam Brand Adam Brand
Tania Kernaghan Dancing on Water
Kedron Taylor Every Place I Go
Various Not So Dusty
Troy Cassar-Daley Big River
Adam Brand Good Friends
Lee Kernaghan Rules of the Road
Keith Urban Keith Urban
John Williamson The Way It Is
Slim Dusty Looking Forward Looking Back
Audrey Auld The Fallen
Beccy Cole Wild at Heart
Gina Jeffreys Angel
Sara Storer Chasing Buffalo
Kasey Chambers Barricades & Brickwalls
Adam Harvey Workin' Overtime
Catherine Britt Dusty Smiles and Heartbreak Cures
Lee Kernaghan Electric Rodeo
Troy Cassar-Daley Long Way Home
Keith Urban Golden Road
Adam Harvey Cowboy Dreams
Beccy Cole Little Victories
Bill Chambers Sleeping with the Blues
Sara Storer Beautiful Circle
Kasey Chambers Wayward Angel
Adam Brand Get Loud
Melinda Schneider Family Tree
Troy Cassar-Daley Borrowed & Blue
Slim Dusty Columbia Lane - the Last Sessions
Keith Urban Be Here
Adam Harvey Can't Settle For Less
Audrey Auld Mezera Texas
Paul Kelly & the Stormwater Boys Foggy Highway
Sara Storer Firefly
Troy Cassar-Daley Brighter Day
Adam Brand What a Life
Anne Kirkpatrick Showman's Daughter
Catherine Britt Too Far Gone
Lee Kernaghan The New Bush
Keith Urban Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing
Gina Jeffreys Walks of Life
James Blundell Ring Around the Moon
Lou Bradley Love Someone
The Greencards Veridian
Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson Rattlin' Bones
Catherine Britt Little WildFlower
Melinda Schneider Be Yourself
Sara Storer Silver Skies
The McClymonts Chaos and Bright Lights
Troy Cassar-Daley I Love This Place
Felicity Urquhart Landing Lights
Jasmine Rae Look It Up
Keith Urban Defying Gravity
Shane Nicholson Familiar Ghosts
The McClymonts Wrapped Up Good
Adam Harvey Both Sides Now
Catherine Britt Catherine Britt
Jason Walker Ceiling Sun Letters
Lee Kernaghan Planet Country
Kasey Chambers Little Bird
Jasmine Rae Listen Here
Keith Urban Get Closer
Shane Nicholson Bad Machines
Troy Cassar-Daley Troy Cassar-Daley Live
The McClymonts Two Worlds Collide
Beccy Cole Songs & Pictures
Catherine Britt Always Never Enough
McAlister Kemp Country Proud
Troy Cassar-Daley Home
Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson Wreck & Ruin
Jasmine Rae If I Want To
Lee Kernaghan Beautiful Noise
Sara Storer Lovegrass
Troy Cassar-Daley and Adam Harvey The Great Country Songbook
Kasey Chambers Bittersweet
Adam Brand My Side of the Street
Emma Swift Emma Swift
Keith Urban Fuse
The McClymonts Here's to You & I
Shane Nicholson Hell Breaks Loose
Catherine Britt Boneshaker
Lee Kernaghan Spirit of the Anzacs
Mustered Courage White Lies and Melodies
Troy Cassar-Daley Freedom Ride
Sara Storer Silos
Adam Brand and the Outlaws Adam Brand and the Outlaws
Bill Chambers Cold Trail
Fanny Lumsden Small Town Big Shot
The Wolfe Brothers This Crazy Life
Kasey Chambers Dragonfly
Lee Kernaghan The 25th Anniversary Album
O'Shea 61-615
Shane Nicholson Love and Blood
The McClymonts Endless
Kasey Chambers & the Fireside Disciples Campfire
Adam Eckersley & Brooke McClymont Adam & Brooke
Fanny Lumsden Real Class Act
The Wolfe Brothers Country Heart
Travis Collins Brave & the Broken
Morgan Evans Things That We Drink To
Charlie Collins Snowpine
Felicity Urquhart Frozen Rabbit
Lee Kernaghan Backroad Nation
Sara Storer Raindance


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