A Kinder Eye

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"A Kinder Eye"
Song by Level 42
from the album Guaranteed
LabelBMG (UK)
Songwriter(s)Mark King, George M. Green
Producer(s)Wally Badarou
Level 42
Guaranteed track listing
  1. "Guaranteed"
  2. "Overtime"
  3. "Her Big Day"
  4. "Seven Years"
  5. "Set Me Up"
  6. "The Ape"
  7. "My Father's Shoes"
  8. "A Kinder Eye"
  9. "She Can't Help Herself"
  10. "If You Were Mine"
  11. "Lasso the Moon"
  12. "With a Little Love"

"A Kinder Eye" is a song written by Mark King and George M. Green dedicated to the memory of Frances Robblee, George Green's mother-in-law.

The song was released in 1991, in the album Guaranteed, album of studio of the British musical group Level 42. The Music speaks about a painter widow, that painted lonely. All their pictures had an expressive face. This painter had an ideal that nor she got to reach. A part of her professional and personal life was transformed by George M. Green with Mark King help and of the musicians of Level 42 in a beautiful song. Allan Holdsworth's solo contributes with the homage message that the song contains.


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