A Tribute to Courage

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A Tribute to Courage
This tribute to Texas hero Sam Houston was designed and constructed by artist David Adickes, who dedicated the statue to the City of Huntsville, Texas on October 22, 1994 LCCN2014633668.tif
Statue visible from Interstate 45
ArtistDavid Adickes
MediumSteel and concrete
Dimensions20 m (67 ft)
Weight25 tons
LocationHuntsville, Texas, United States
Coordinates30°39′40.1″N 95°30′38.3″W / 30.661139°N 95.510639°W / 30.661139; -95.510639

A Tribute to Courage monument is a statue of Sam Houston located in Huntsville, Texas (where Sam Houston lived and died), which is 65 miles north of the city of Houston (named in his honor). Sam Houston is one of the founding fathers of Texas. He led the army of Texas during their War for Independence from Mexico in 1836, including the victory at San Jacinto (about 100 miles from the statue) where Texas won her independence by defeating Mexican President Santa Ana in the field. The statue by sculptor David Adickes is 67 feet tall and was built in 1994.[1] It is clearly visible to motorists heading north on Interstate 45. It is the ninth-tallest statue in the United States. It was vandalized with graffiti in March 2008.[2]


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