A Virgin and a Whore

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A Virgin and a Whore
A Virgin and a Whore.jpg
Studio album by
Released7 November 2001
RecordedTico-Tico Studio, Kemi, Finland, 2001
GenreSymphonic death metal, gothic metal
Eternal Tears of Sorrow chronology
Chaotic Beauty
A Virgin and a Whore
Before the Bleeding Sun
Professional ratings
Review scores
sputnikmusic4.0/5 stars link

A Virgin and a Whore is the fourth album by Finnish symphonic death metal band Eternal Tears of Sorrow. It was their last album before their break they had between 2001 and 2004.[1] This is the last EToS album to feature keyboardist Pasi Hiltula (who had been in the band since early 1999) and the only album to feature guitarist Antti Kokko.

The seventh song on the album, "Sick, Dirty and Mean" is a cover song, originally written and performed by Accept. The band had rehearsed the song for a two-part tribute album (Tribute to Accept vol. 1 & 2) in 1999 but didn't have any extra time to record it. So, they decided to include the song on A Virgin and a Whore.

The album cover art was made by Niklas Sundin of Cabin Fever Media and guitarist of Dark Tranquillity.

Track listing[edit]

1."Aurora Borealis"Veteläinen & PuolakanahoKokko & Hiltula & Puolakanaho & Veteläinen5:04
2."Heart of Wilderness"Veteläinen & PuolakanahoKokko & Hiltula3:40
3."Prophetian"Veteläinen & Puolakanaho & SankalaHiltula & Puolakanaho & Kokko5:24
4."Fall of Man"Puolakanaho & VeteläinenPuolakanaho & Hiltula4:58
5."The River Flows Frozen"Veteläinen & Kokko & PuolakanahoKokko & Puolakanaho5:47
6."The Last One for Life"Veteläinen & PuolakanahoVeteläinen & Puolakanaho & Kokko & Hiltula4:59
7."Sick, Dirty and Mean"AcceptAccept4:16
8."Blood of Hatred"VeteläinenKokko & Hiltula3:12
9."Aeon"Veteläinen & PuolakanahoVeteläinen & Hiltula & Puolakanaho & Kokko5:45

Japanese bonus tracks:

  1. "As I Die" (Paradise Lost cover) – 4:03
  2. "The River Flows Frozen" (Acoustic Version) – 5:47


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