Cabin Fever Media

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Cabin Fever Media
Private company
Industry Graphic design
web design
Founded 1999
Founder Niklas Sundin
Headquarters Sweden
Area served
Key people
Niklas Sundin (Founder and artist)
Products Album artwork and design,
t-shirt design,
logo design,
web design,

Cabin Fever Media is a design studio founded in 1999 by the Dark Tranquillity guitarist, Niklas Sundin.

Cabin Fever Media specializes in graphic design of album artwork, however, Cabin Fever Media also does various other commissioned work that involves illustration and design such as T-shirt design, logo creation, image editing and retouching, typesetting, photography, web design (HTML and DHTML, Flash), and multimedia presentations.

Cabin Fever Media has designed artwork for many notable bands, including Arch Enemy, In Flames, Nightrage, Sentenced, At the gates, Dark tranquillity, Sentenced, Moonspell and Soilwork.[1] Also, ever since its creation, Cabin Fever Media has designed all the artwork for Niklas Sundin's own band Dark Tranquillity.


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