Aa Jaane Jaan

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"Aa Jaane Jaan"
Song by Lata Mangeshkar from the album Intaquam
Released 1969
Genre World Music
Length 6:27
Writer Rajinder Krishan
Producer Laxmikant Pyarelal

"Aa Jaane Jaan" (English: Come soon, my love) is a song from the 1969 Hindi film Intaqam. It is one of the few cabaret songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar,[1] and is one of the most popular songs in India from the 1960s, and it was pictured on Helen.[2] It is also considered to be a rare Cabaret song sung by Lata Mangeshkar as her younger sister Asha Bhosle would usually sing cabaret songs and especially when Helen would be in it.


Music directors would take Asha Bhosle in any cabaret songs, until Aa Jaane Jaan. The song was tuned and styled in accordance with Lata Mangeshkar, therefore this song is considered be to one of the best Cabaret songs of the Indian Film Industry and of Lata Mangeshkar. When asked about the song Lata Mangeshkar would laugh and say, "I remember telling Laxmikant not to give me any cabaret songs to sing. He assured me I could swing it without a hitch. Aa jaan-e-jaan was tailored to suit my taste and style." The song became an instant hit on the charts with Helen dancing syn chronically with the complete song.[3]


The song is picturized on Helen, who during the 1960s and 1970s, was known for doing item songs in Bollywood films at the time. The song is about a woman who dances and tries to entice a man being captured in a cage. In the film, Helen performs the dance in front of a large audience with the help of a few more performers.

Cover versions[edit]

A remixed version of the song was also featured in the dance music album, Dance Masti Forever (2006) by band, Instant Karma as Aa Jaane Jaa (The Baby Can You Feel The Magic Mix). Another cover version of the song was featured in film, Hello Darling (2010) as item number performed by Celina Jaitley.[4]


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