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This article is about the American drummer. For other people named Aaron A. BrooksThe Little Death NYC, see Aaron A. Brooks (disambiguation).
Aaron A. Brooks
Drummer Aaron A. Brooks.jpg
Aaron in 2011, NYC
Background information
Birth name Aaron Anthony Jean Vladimir Brooks
Also known as Aaron Kinsley-Brooks
Born (1964-01-24) January 24, 1964 (age 52)
San Francisco, California, United States
Genres Alternative rock, rock, hard rock, punk rock, Electronic Pop, Electronica
Occupation(s) Musician, drummer, composer, producer
Instruments Drums, piano, percussion
Years active 1984–present
Labels Gowanus Sound Initiative, Eros and Aphrodite Music, Life on Mars, LTD.
Associated acts The Little Death, The Mars Bonfire, Laura Dawn, Moby, Duff McKagan, Circle of Soul, Queen V, Leisure Cruise, Eros & Aphrodite

Aaron A. Brooks, aka "Aaron Kinsley-Brooks" (born January 24, 1964 in San Francisco, CA) is an American musician, drummer, producer, composer[1] and co-founder of The Little Death, along with Moby, Laura Dawn and Daron Murphy.[2][3] He is also a founding member of the American alt rock band The Mars Bonfire (the band)[4] and also plays drums for the electronic pop band Leisure Cruise,[5] singer/actress Jackie Cruz and Angela McCluskey & Saint Bernadette. Aaron has also been the drummer for Moby, Laura Dawn, Duff McKagen,[6] Circle of Soul,[7] Erin Evermore and Queen V.


Aaron has been playing drums professionally for 30 years. His first drum lesson was with John Bonham, and was influenced by Keith Moon. Aaron's father is Grammy winning jazz saxophonist, composer and arranger Frank Foster. His mother is the 1960s and 1970s rock publicist Christine "Sunshine" Brooks. Aaron lives in New York City and is presently collaborating, co-producing and drumming on the upcoming album for The Mars Bonfire, a rock band he co-founded with singer/songwriter Mark Wynegar, bassist Dean Perry and guitarist Jay Shepard. He is also the drummer for the electro-pop band Leisure Cruise, fronted by Dave Hodge and Leah Siegel; Angela McCluskey & Saint Bernadette; and singer/actress Jackie Cruz.

Since 2006 Aaron has played drums and collaborated with recording artist, musician and pop icon Moby and The Little Death, along with Laura Dawn and Daron Murphy.[8] The Little Death released their debut album "The Little Death" in 2010 while performing sold-out shows in NYC and abroad, including performances with Moby at The 2011 NMS Grammy's After Party, SXSW, The Sundance Festival, The Box, The Guggenheim Museum and at Radio City Music Hall with Sir Paul McCartney.[9] Aaron has also played drums as a touring/session drummer for Queen V, Joey DeGraw, and blues & folk singer Lola Johnson.

In 2011, Aaron accepted an invitation to compose an original music score for "Billy Bates",[10] an independent film by Jennifer DeLia and Julie Pacino. The film premiered at the 2012–2013 Soho, Cannes, Toronto, Tribeca, Berlinale and Sundance Film Festivals.

From 1996–2006 Aaron was playing, recording and touring from Tokyo to Des Moines with recording artist Laura Dawn, supporting her debut album "Believer" while opening for The Calling[11] on their breakthrough 2001 US tour, while also performing/recording with her other alt-rock band Fluffer, touring alongside rock bands such as The Melvins, Ben Folds Five and Train. During that time, Aaron also recorded and toured internationally with Erin Evermore. In support of Evermore's album "Babyphetamine" produced by Mike Chapman, they were the opening act for Duran Duran on the U.S. leg of their "Pop Life" 2000–2001 world tour. Aaron was the touring drummer for a solo Duff McKagen of Guns N' Roses, touring alongside The Scorpions on their 1993–95 world tour.[12][13] During this time, he performed with Duff on the first live simulcast of MTV'S Headbangers Ball and shot two videos for the singles "I Still Love You" and "Believe in Me". All the while, he recorded, performed, played and collaborated with Caron Bernstein, Trace Devai, The Immigrants/Edith Grove, MTV VJ Kari Wuhrer and the earliest incarnation of The Wallflowers nicknamed "The Bootheels", with Jakob Dylan (son of Bob Dylan), and Luther Russell.

Aaron started his musical career in the 80's rock scene of Los Angeles, drumming with his band, Circle of Soul. Soon after, the band was signed to a major label (Capital/Hollywood Records/Intercord)[14][15] and embarked on a world tour in support of their Toby Wright, Waddy Wachtel & Frankie Sullivan produced debut and second albums "Hand's of Faith" and "One Man's Poison". Circle of Soul performed as openers for The Smashing Pumpkins, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Winger, and Alice in Chains. They also received steady video airplay on MTV and radio airplay with their single "Shattered Faith" reaching to #30 on Billboards "TOP 100" rock chart and #10 on Billboards Europe "Top 100" rock chart.



  • Mars Bonfire"Untitled" – Independent (2015) In Production
  • Lola Johnson"Damaged Goods" – Radian Records (2012), Producer: Andrew Felus & Lola Johnson
  • BonusStrike"Vivien" – Independent (2011), Producer: John Pahmer
  • The Little Death"The Little Death" – Gowanus Records (2009), Producer: The Little Death
  • Moby & Deborah Harry"New York City" Remix for "Songs For Tibet" – EMI Records (2008), Producer, MOBY
  • AngieScreamsThe Revelations Of Arthur Lynn" – RCA (2008), Producer: Carlos Alomar
  • Jesse Gage"Goodnight Marlena" – Independent (2008), Producer: Tony Bruno
  • BonusStrike"BonusStrike" – Independent (2007), Producer: Michael Lee
  • Joe Chiofalo"Orange & Black" – Sony Records (2008), Producer: Joe Chiofalo
  • The Shandys"When Your Alone" – Pork Pie Records (2007), Producer: The Shandy's
  • The Smackdarts"Electricity" – Independent (2006), Producer: The Smackdarts & Bernie Worrell
  • Yowza"In My Head" – Eros & Aphrodite Records (2006), Producer: Jimi K. Bones and Yowza
  • Laura Dawn"Believer" – Sony/Extasy Records (2002), Producer: Ted Nicely, Shimon Speigal & Yoshiki
  • Erin Evermore"Babyphetamine" – Tiger Star/Chrysalis Records (1999), Producer: Mike Chapman
  • Erin Evermore"Girls Love Sex" – Tiger Star Records/Chrysalis Records (1999), Producer – Mike Chapman
  • K5"Liquid" – Vital Records (1996), Producer: David Beal with Larry Mullen Jr.
  • Fluffer"Fluffer" – Independent (1996), Producer: Jason Corsaro, Aaron Comess & John Eaton
  • The New York No Stars"B-Sides" – Cleopatra Records (1997), Producer – Anthony Esposito & Marco Olivieri
  • Duff McKagen"Believe In Me" – Uzi Suicide/Geffen Records (1993), Producer: Duff McKagen & Jim Mitchell
  • Circle Of Soul"One Mans Poison" – Hollywood/Intercord Records (1993), Producers: Ed Roynesdal, Michael Frondelli & COS
  • The Immigrants/Edith Grove"Edith Grove" – Beggar's Banquet Records (1993), Producer: MIchael Ashton & Brian Foraker
  • Circle Of Soul"Hands Of Faith" – Capitol Records/Hollywood Records (1990), Producers: Waddy Wachtel, Frankie Sullivan, Dave Jerdan, Toby Wright and COS


  • Jackie Cruz – "Como Y Flor"- Vivala Launch (2015)
  • Leisure Cruise – "Crime Tip" Last Gang Records (2015)
  • Leisure Cruise – "The Getaway" Last Gang Records (2014)
  • Leisure Cruise – "Believer-The Wild Honey Pie Buzz Sessions at Area 51" (LIVE) (2013)
  • Leisure Cruise – "The Wild Honey Pie Buzz Sessions at Area 51" (LIVE) (2013)
  • Moby – "Sessions at KCRW" (LIVE) (2009)
  • Moby with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sheryl Crow, Donovan, Eddie Vedder and Ben Harper & The Furious 5-"Change Begins Within: A Benefit for The David Lynch Foundation at Radio City Music Hall" (LIVE) (2009)
  • Joey DeGraw – "Another Mistake" – The Today Show – Los Angeles/CBS (LIVE) (2009)
  • Joey DeGraw – "Another Mistake" – The Today Show – Memphis/CBS (LIVE) (2009)
  • The Little Death with Donovan – "Change Begins Within: A Benefit for The David Lynch Foundation" at Vedic City (LIVE) (2009)
  • The Little Death – "Some Of That/That Bone" – Fox TV/Fearless TV (LIVE) (2010)
  • Erin Evermore – "Girls Love Sex" MTV (2001)
  • Duff McKagen – "I Love You" – MTV Worldwide – Uzi Suicide/Geffen Records (1994)
  • Duff McKagen – "Believe In Me" – MTV Worldwide – Uzi Suicide/Geffen Records (1994)
  • Duff McKagen – First simulcast of Headbangers Ball with Ricky Rachtman (MTV Worldwide LIVE) (1994)
  • Circle Of Soul – "Strung Out On Love" – MTV/VH1 Worldwide (1993)
  • Circle Of Soul with Queen – "Queen – Live on the Queen Mary" (1991)
  • Circle Of Soul – "Shattered Faith" – MTV/VH1 Worldwide (1990)


Aaron is endorsed by multiple companies, including Creation Drums and Gorilla Ears.


Creation Drums Maple Custom Series in Vintage Silver Sparkle Lacquer with Chrome Hardware.

  • 12x12" Concert tom
  • 14x14" Concert tom
  • 16x16" Floor Tom
  • 18x24" Bass Drum
  • 7x13" Tama Custom Snare Drum

Electronic Drums[edit]

Roland SPD-SX Drum Pad Roland RT Triggers Simmons Octopads



  • 14" A Custom Master Sound Hi-Hats
  • 19" A Custom Crash
  • 18" A Custom Crash
  • 17" A Custom Crash
  • 16" A Custom Crash
  • 21" Sweet Ride


Vic Firth

  • American Classic Rock Nylon Tip


Latin Percussion

  • Congas
  • Cowbell
  • Tambourine
  • Shakers



  • Coated E2 (on Toms)
  • Clear EMAD (on Bass)
  • Coated Emperor X Black Dot (on Snare)


Drum Workshop

  • 9000 Series and Pacific 8000 Series Hardware


Gorilla Ears

  • Gorilla GX-3b in Ear Monitors

Production and Media career[edit]

Aaron also works as a freelance producer/associate producer of music, film, video, concerts and live events. Aaron's work as a general manager and short form video line producer, producer, associate producer and unit production manager for Art Not War has contributed to the company garnering 8 Pollie Awards[16] and 7 Reed Awards[17] for best political media of 2012–2013.


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