Abdulkadir Yahya Ali

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Abdulkadir Yahya Ali
عبدالقدر يحيي علي
Born 1957
Mogadishu, Somalia
Died 12 July 2005
Occupation Peace activist
Nationality Somali
Citizenship Somali
Period 1957-2005
Notable works Co-founder and dirctor of Center for peace and dialogue in Mogadishu

Abdikadir Yahya Ali (Somali: Cabdiqaadir Yaxye Cali) (1957 – July 12, 2005), was a Somali peace activist best known for his work through his own Centre for Research and Dialogue. Yahya also worked from time to time as an independent consultant giving advice and administrative support to international Crisis Group. He had devoted many years to foster peace and reconciliation in Somalia and was widely respected by his people and by many in the international community.

Abdikadir Yahya Ali hails from Murusade specially Abdalla Sabdi sub-clan.


On July 12, 2005, around 2 a.m., he was killed at his home. A group of roughly 10 assassins, wearing masks or scarves around their faces, used a ladder to scale the back wall of Yahye's compound. To find their way in the dark, they had flashlights tied to the barrels of their Kalashnikovs. Yahye guards, some of them sleeping, were taken by surprise and handcuffed. The killers entered the house, which apparently was unlocked. Some of the men made their way to a second-floor bedroom and woke Yahya and his wife. They demanded valuables and took yahye's laptop. Then they led Yahya to a corridor where they executed him. First they shot him several times with an AK-47, then two or three more times to the mouth and head with a pistol. Al-qaida linked shabaab group was alleged the killing of yahye.

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