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This list of peace activists includes people who have proactively advocated diplomatic, philosophical, and non-military resolution of major territorial or ideological disputes through nonviolent means and methods. Peace activists usually work with others in the overall anti-war and peace movements to focus the world's attention on what they perceive to be the irrationality of violent conflicts, decisions, and actions. They thus initiate and facilitate wide public dialogues intended to nonviolently alter long-standing societal agreements directly relating to, and held in place by, the various violent, habitual, and historically fearful thought-processes residing at the core of these conflicts, with the intention of peacefully ending the conflicts themselves.



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Helen Caldicott
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  • Berthold Jacob (1898–1944) – German journalist and pacifist
  • Aletta Jacobs (1854–1929) – Dutch physician, feminist and peace activist
  • Martha Larsen Jahn (1875–1954) – Norwegian peace activist and feminist
  • Jean Jaurès (1859–1914) – French anti-war activist, socialist leader
  • Kirthi Jayakumar (born 1987) – Indian peace activist and gender equality activist, youth peace activist, peace educator and founder of The Red Elephant Foundation
  • Zorica Jevremović (born 1948) – Serbian playwright, theatre director, peace activist
  • Tano Jōdai (1886–1982) – Japanese English literature professor, peace activist and university president
  • John Paul II – Polish Catholic Pope, inspiration, advocate
  • Helen John – British activist, one of the first full-time members of the Greenham Common peace camp
  • Hagbard Jonassen (1903–1977) – Danish botanist and peace activist
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Abie Nathan
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  • Phil Ochs (1940–1976) – American anti-Vietnam war singer/songwriter, initiated protest events
  • Paul Oestreich (1878–1959) – German educator, board member of the "German Peace Society" in 1921– 1926
  • Paul Oestreicher (born 1931) – German-born British human rights activist, Canon emeritus of Coventry Cathedral, Christian pacifist, active in post-war reconciliation
  • Yoko Ono (born 1933) – Japanese anti-Vietnam war campaigner in America and Europe
  • Ciaron O'Reilly (born 1960) – Australian pacifist, anti-war activist, Catholic Worker, served prison time in America and Ireland for disarming war material
  • Carl von Ossietzky (1889–1938) – German pacifist, Nobel peace laureate, the opponent of Nazi rearmament
  • Geoffrey Ostergaard (1926–1990) – British political scientist, academic, writer, anarchist, pacifist
  • Laurence Overmire (born 1957) – American poet, author, theorist
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  • Ludwig Quidde (1858–1941) – German pacifist, 1927 Nobel peace laureate
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  • Peter Yarrow (born 1938) – American singer/songwriter, anti-war activist
  • Cheng Yen (born 1937) – Taiwanese Buddhist nun (bhikkhuni) and founder of Tzu Chi Foundation
  • Ada Yonath (born 1939) – Israeli Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2009, pacifist
  • Yosano Akiko (1878–1942) – Japanese writer, feminist, pacifist
  • Edip Yüksel (born 1957) – Kurdish-Turkish-American lawyer/author, Islamic peace proponent
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  • Alfred-Maurice de Zayas (born 1947) – Cuban-born American historian, lawyer in international law and human rights, vociferous critic of military interventions and the use of torture
  • Angie Zelter (born 1951) – British anti-war and anti-nuclear activist, co-founder of Trident Ploughshares
  • Clara Zetkin (1857–1933) – German Maxist, feminist and pacifist
  • Howard Zinn (1922–2010) – American historian, writer, peace advocate
  • Arnold Zweig (1887–1968) – German writer and anti-war activist
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