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PronunciationArabic: [ʕaːbɪd]
Meaningone who worships

Abid (Arabic: عابد‘Ābid), also Abed, literally meaning worshipper, adorer, devout[1][2] may be either a surname or given name.

In the Russian language, "Аби́д" (Abid), or its form "Ави́д" (Avid), is an old and uncommon[3] male given name.[4] Included into various, often handwritten, church calendars throughout the 17th–19th centuries, it was omitted from the official Synodal Menologium at the end of the 19th century.[5] Its origins are either Arabic (where it means desired) or Aramaic (where it means work, labor).[6] The diminutive of "Avid" is Avidka (Ави́дка).[3] The patronymics derived from "Avid" are "Ави́дович" (Avidovich; masculine) and "Ави́довна" (Avidovna; feminine).[3]

As a surname, in the form

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Al-Abid (Arabic: العابد‎) and its variants, it is shared by the following people:

As a surname:

As a given name or colloquial name, it is shared by the following people:

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