Abkhazian parliamentary election, 2002

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Parliamentary elections were held in Abkhazia on 2 March 2002 to elect the third People's Assembly. The elections had originally been scheduled for 24 November 2001, but had to be postponed due to the October 2001 Chechen incursion into the lower Kodori Valley.[1] Candidates supporting President Vladislav Ardzinba won all 35 seats.[2]


In the run-up to the elections the Central Election Commission refused to register four candidates, including the outgoing Vice-Speaker Ruslan Kharabua. As a result, sixteen other candidates withdrew in protest, including 14 candidates from Aitaira.[3]

Following the withdrawal of the Aitaira and People's Party candidates, 63 candidates contested the 35 constituencies, with twelve constituencies only having a single candidate; eighteen constituencies had two candidates and five constituencies had three. The candidates included 45 Abkhazians, seven Russians, five Armenians, three Georgians, one Greek, one Kabarday and one Cherkess. Four were women.[3][4]


Ethnic Georgians displaced during the conflict were prevented from voting, whilst state radio and television supported pro-government candidates.[2]


In five districts, no candidate achieved a first round majority and a second round was held.[5]


The election in District 2 in Sukhumi was judged invalid by the local election commission, and a by-election was held on 23 June. In the original election, there had been two candidates, Leonid Osia and Garik Samanba, but only Samanba participated in the rerun.[6][7]