Abraham Yehudah Khein

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Abraham Yehudah Khein.

Abraham Yehudah Khein (1878 in Chernigov–5 October 1957) was a Hasidic Rabbi in the Ukrainian town Nyezhin and a pacifist anarchist. Khein belonged to the Hasidic Chabad tradition by family descent and spiritual training.

He was eloquently committed to pacifism and non-violence during the days when the Jewish community in Palestine was battling the Arabs and the British. He tried to relate his readings of Leo Tolstoy and Pyotr Kropotkin to Kabbalah and Hasidism. Rabbi Khein deeply respected Kropotkin, whom he called "the Tzadik of the new world", whose "soul is as pure as crystal"[1][2][3]

Rabbi Khein's most known work is his three-volume collection of essays, במלכות היהדות ("In the Kingdom of Judaism").