Abu Rummaneh

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Abu Rummaneh
أبو رمانة
Abu Rummaneh skyline, 1959
Abu Rummaneh skyline, 1959
Abu Rummaneh is located in Syria
Abu Rummaneh
Abu Rummaneh
Location in Syria
Coordinates: 33°31′22″N 36°16′54″E / 33.52278°N 36.28167°E / 33.52278; 36.28167Coordinates: 33°31′22″N 36°16′54″E / 33.52278°N 36.28167°E / 33.52278; 36.28167
Country  Syria
Governorate Damascus Governorate
Subdistrict Damascus
Municipality Qanawat
Population (2004)
 • Total 6,421

Abu Rummaneh (Arabic: أبو رمانة‎) is an upscale neighborhood and district of the Muhajirin municipality in western Damascus, Syria. It had a population of 6,421 in the 2004 census.[1] The quarter is centered on the palm-tree-lined Abu Rummaneh Boulevard, known officially as al-Jalaa Boulevard, named for the evacuation of French mandate troops from Syria. The neighborhood serves as Damascus' diplomatic quarter, also housing the Arab Cultural Center and the French Institute for Arab Studies (IFEAD). The smaller streets on either side of the boulevard are lined by expensive, old-money apartment buildings, owned by wealthy Damascenes.[2]


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