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Arabic: دمر‎‎
Residential homes in Dummar
Residential homes in Dummar
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Coordinates: 33°53′00″N 36°23′20″E / 33.88333°N 36.38889°E / 33.88333; 36.38889Coordinates: 33°53′00″N 36°23′20″E / 33.88333°N 36.38889°E / 33.88333; 36.38889
Country Syria
City Damascus
Population (2004)
 • Total



Dummar (Arabic: دمر‎‎) is a municipality in Damascus, Syria, northwest of the city center. It is the largest suburb of Damascus by area.[2]


Its construction began in the 1970s and the first residents moved in during the mid-1980s. Today it is a largely middle-class suburb home to many Damascene professionals.[3]

The municipality includes the Kurdish neighborhood of Wadi al-Mashari (Arabic: وادي المشاريع‎‎, Kurdish: Zorava‎, meaning Valley Projects)[4]

Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, it has been called the "safest area" of Damascus, and was the site of a charity marathon for children with cancer.[5]


  • Al-Arin (pop. 14,285)
  • Dahiyet Dummar (pop. 18,739)
  • Dummar al-Gharbiyah (pop. 30,031)
  • Dummar al-Sharqiyah (pop. 19,739)
  • Al-Wuroud (pop. 14,167)


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