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Acheloos TV
Industry Television
Founded 1992
Headquarters Agrinio, Greece
Website Axeloos Media Group

Acheloos Television (Greek: Αχελώος Τηλεόραση) is a Greek local radio and television station serving the central and western Aetolia-Acarnania. Its headquarters are in the city of Agrinio. Its signal can be received in western Evrytania and the northwestern Peloponnese as well. The station is named after the Acheloos river. It offers local programs and music from Greece, as well as English-language programs.

The station can be received on UHF channel 27 in Achaea and UHF channel 20 in Elis. From October 2011, it can also be received on UHF digital channel 47. As of December 19th 2014, Acheloos TV is available in Epirus and Corfu through various digital frequencies.

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