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Achille Eugène Finet (1863, Argenteuil – 1913, París) was a French botanist best known for his study of orchids native to Japan and China.[1]

Within the family Orchidaceae, he was the taxonomic authority of the genera Arethusantha, Hemihabenaria, Monixus and Pseudoliparis as well as of numerous orchid species. With François Gagnepain, he circumscribed a number of plant species from the family Annonaceae.[2]

In 1925 Hu Xiansu named the orchid genus Neofinetia in his honor.[3]

Selected works[edit]

  • Orchidées nouvelles de la Chine, 1897 - New orchids native to China.
  • Sur le genre Oreorchis Lindley, 1897 - On the genus Oreorchis Lindl..
  • Orchidées recueillies au Yunnan et au Laos, 1898 - Orchids collected in Yunnan and Laos.
  • Les orchidées du Japon, principalement d'après les collections de l'herbier du Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Paris, 1900 - Orchids of Japan, principally from herbarium collections at the Muséum d'histoire naturelle in Paris.
  • Les orchidées de l'Asie orientale, 1901 - Orchids of eastern Asia.
  • Contributions à la flore de l'Asie orientale, 1907 (with François Gagnepain) - Contributions to the flora of eastern Asia.[4]


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