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Ariel view of Adimali town
Ariel view of Adimali town
Adimaly is located in Kerala
Adimaly is located in India
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 10°00′53″N 76°57′22″E / 10.0147600°N 76.956139°E / 10.0147600; 76.956139Coordinates: 10°00′53″N 76°57′22″E / 10.0147600°N 76.956139°E / 10.0147600; 76.956139
Country  India
State Kerala
District Idukki
Talukas Devikulam
Elevation 650 m (2,130 ft)
 • Total 37,360
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 685561
Telephone code 04864
Vehicle registration KL-68
Nearest city Kothamangalam, Munnar
Lok Sabha constituency Idukki
Vidhan Sabha constituency Devikulam
Neryamangalam bridge
Adimali town
Govt highschool

Adimaly (Malayalam: അടിമാലി) is a town in the Idukki district of Kerala, India.[1] Adimali is located on the National Highway 85 (India) connecting Kochi and Madurai, India. From Adimaly, it is only 27 kilometers to Munnar, which is a famous hill station.[2] The waterfalls Cheeyappara and Valara are located nearby. Pepper cultivation is the main agricultural activity of this place.[3] The Ponmudi Dam (294 meter length) was constructed in 1963 across the Panniar river, nearly 15 km southeast of Adimali, on the way to Rajakkad. Adimali is known for its proximity to munnar and natural environment. Adimaly has almost all the basic facilities like roads, educational institutions and hospitals.[citation needed]

The former name of the Adimali area was Mannamkandam, as the name indicates the Mannan tribe once populated the area. Other tribal groups collectively called the Muthuvan were also living in Adimali. Before 1980, the main crops under cultivation were rice as well as pepper and cardamom. Now almost 90 percent of the paddy fields have been modified for other purposes such as residential land, rubber plantations or banana fields.[citation needed]


Adimali is a relatively new town located between Kochi and Munnar. It gained its importance when the Government of Kerala allowed mass settlements of people from the neighbouring districts in the Mid 20th century.[citation needed] The majority of the people in area around Adimali migrated from the nearby district of Ernakulam. Since it intersects two major roads and is a popular resting point on the way to Munnar, Adimali slowly grew in size. In the last 15 years,[when?] Adimali has emerged as a major population center in the district.

Adimaly is a small town in Idukki district of Kerala state, India. It is part of Idukki township. Adimaly is located on the National Highway 49 connecting Kochi and Madurai. Munnar -a hill station- is about 30 km from Adimaly. The Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls are located en route to Adimaly. Pepper is the major cultivation in this area. Ponmudi Dam, which is constructed across the Panniar river, is about 15 km from Adimali, on the way to Rajakkad. The dam which was built in 1963 has a length of 294 m. The places nearby to this area are Kuthirayalla, Pettimudi, and Maankulam. Pettimudi area is near to Tamil Nadu.


Adimali is located in an area with several waterfalls, valleys and hills. It is known for its pepper and cardamom plantations. The area also has a few dams and adjoining man-made reservoirs.

Cheeyappara Waterfall[edit]

The rapids of Cheeyappara descend from a height of about 1000 feet, churning with force onto 13 rock slabs in the vicinity of a bridge on National Highway 49. It is one of the few waterfalls one can view from the bottom, standing so close to the water.[citation needed] Next to the falls, there is a designated bathing area.

Valara Waterfall[edit]

Valara Waterfall is another 1 kilometer from Cheeyapara waterfall en route to Adimali. One of the tributaries of The Periyar River cascades steeply from the top of a hill to a depth of about 200 feet, into a gorge.

Adimali Waterfall[edit]

Adimali waterfall

Near the centre of Adimali township, an eponymous waterfall has become an attraction and landmark, accessible from the town.[citation needed]


Adimali generally has a cool climate throughout the year, typical of the higher altitudes, though not as cold as Munnar. Temperatures rarely exceed 26 degrees and never drop below 10 degrees as it usually stays around 17-24 degrees. Though December–January are comparatively cooler than other months. Adimaly is a place with heavy rainfall mostly throughout the year and it is heaviest during the June–September season of southwest monsoon. Rains in Adimali sometimes continue for hours or even days without any dry spell, which may bring the town to a standstill. New residents frequently relocate to Adimaly, owing to its atmosphere and surroundings.[citation needed] This is evident considering the abrupt increase in population both within the town and nearby areas in the recent past.[original research?]

Trade and commerce[edit]

Historically, this area's economy has depended heavily upon agriculture. Adimaly produces a high percentage of Kerala's total domestic production of spices and is an important spice trading center.[citation needed] Industry and secondary development has seen moderate growth, and does not play a pivotal role in the economy. The service sector comprises a very small section of the town's economy.



  • Mar Baselious College
  • SNDP Yogam Training College
  • Stella Maries College
  • Logos Academy
  • Morning Star School of Nursing

Places of worship[edit]

  • Santhi Giri Sri Mahadeva Temple,Adimali
  • St. George Church Jacobite Syrian Cathedral,Adimali
  • St. Jude Catholic Town Church
  • St Martin de Pores Latin Catholic Church
  • St.Peter's & St. Paul's Jacobite Syrian Aramana Church,Adimali
  • St. Thomas Orthodox Church,Adimali
  • Town Jumah Masjid, Adimaly
  • Hira Jumua Mosque
  • Kallambalam Temple Ayiram Acre
  • Sree Subramanya Swami Temple Ayiram Acre
  • Mankaduvu Devi Temple
  • Salafi Mosque, Irumpupalam
  • St. George Church Jacobite Syrian Church,Koompanpara
  • Fathima Matha Forane Church, Koompanpara
  • Infant Jesus church, mankadavu
  • St. George Church Jacobite Syrian Church,1000 acre
  • Mar Ignathious Noorono Jacobite Syrian Church, 14th mile, Adimali
  • St.George Jacobite Syrian Church Machiplavu
  • St.Franscis Assisi catholic church Machiplavu PO
  • Town Jumah Masjid Irumpupalam
  • Central Jumah Masjid, Irumpupalam
  • Jumah Masjid, 10th mile
  • Sharon Fellowship Church, Campco Junction, Adimaly
  • St. Johns CSI church chattupara


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