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There are five planning regions of Latvia (Latvian: Latvijas plānošanas reģioni); Kurzeme, Latgale, Riga, Vidzeme and Zemgale. The boundaries of the regions aligns to the boundaries of the municipalities of Latvia following the municipality reform of 1 July 2009. The planning regions of Latvia are not administrative territorial divisions, since they are not mentioned in the law that prescribes the administrative territorial divisions of Latvia.[1]


Regions Largest City Area Population - (per km²)
Riga Riga 10,132 km² 1,030,071 - (101.7/km²)
Kurzeme Liepāja 13,596 km² 301,621 - (22.2/km²)
Latgale Daugavpils 14,549 km² 304,032 - (20.9/km²)
Zemgale Jelgava 10,733 km² 254,461 - (23.7/km²)
Vidzeme Valmiera 15,246 km² 211,309 - (13.9/km²)
Latvia Riga 64,256 km² 2,070,371 - (32.2/km²)


Regional institutions began formation 1997 according to municipal initiatives on the planning of common development. Following legislation on regional development, the five planning regions were created according to the 5 May 2009 decision no. 391 of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers: "Decisions on Territories of the Planning Regions.[2][3]


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