David Packard Medal of Achievement

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David Packard Medal of Achievement, formerly AeA Medal of Achievement is presented annually by TechAmerica (formerly AeA), since 1959. An award dinner is held to honor the current years recipient and to hear his/her vision of the future of the tech-industry.[1] This award is the highest award bestowed by TechAmerica.

An example of what the new David Packard Medal of Achievement might look like.


Recipients are selected for their contributions and advances within the high-tech industry, their community, and humankind.[2]

Year Recipient Company
1959 H. Leslie Hoffman Hoffman Radio
Richard L. Paullus WEMA
1960 David Packard Hewlett-Packard Company
1961 Arnold O. Beckman Beckman Instruments
1962 Daniel E. Noble Motorola
1963 Frederick E. Terman Stanford University
1964 Howard Vollum Tektronix, Inc.
1965 Charles B. Thornton Litton Industries, Inc.
1966 Sigurd Varian Varian Associates, Inc.
Russell H. Varian Varian Associates, Inc.
1967 Lawrence A. Hyland Hughes Aircraft
1968 Alexander M. Poniatoff Ampex Corporation
1969 John R. Moore Rockwell International
Lee A. DuBridge California Institute of Technology
1970 Simon Ramo TRW
1971 William R. Hewlett Hewlett-Packard Company
1972 Patrick E. Haggerty Texas Instruments, Inc.
1973 John S. Foster U.S. Department of Defense
1974 Robert N. Noyce Intel Corporation
1975 William H. Pickering Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1976 John M. Fluke John Fluke Manufacturing
1977 Arthur A. Collins Collins Radio
1978 C. Lester Hogan Fairchild Camera & Instrument
1979 William C. Norris Control Data Corporation
1980 William J. Perry U.S. Department of Defense
1981 Kenneth H. Olsen Digital Equipment Corporation
1982 Frank T. Cary IBM Corporation
1983 John G. Linvill Stanford University
1984 An Wang Wang Laboratories
1985 E. E. Ferrey American Electronics Association
1986 H. Ross Perot Electronic Data Systems
1987 Thomas J. Davis, Jr. Mayfield Fund
Arthur Rock Arthur Rock & Company
1988 Robert W. Galvin Motorola
1989 Thomas J. Watson, Jr. IBM Corporation
1990 John Young Hewlett-Packard Company
1991 Ian Ross AT&T Bell Laboratories
1992 Malcolm R. Currie Hughes Aircraft
1993 Gordon E. Moore Intel Corporation
Andrew S. Grove Intel Corporation
1994 Gary L. Tooker Motorola
1995 J. Richard Iverson American Electronics Association
1996 James F. Gibbons Stanford University
1997 Ray Dolby Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
1998 Dr. Irwin M. Jacobs QUALCOMM, Inc.
1999 Lewis E. Platt Hewlett-Packard Company
2000 Charles R. Trimble Trimble Navigation Limited
2001 W. J. Sander III Advanced Micro Devices
2002 Edward W. Barnholt Agilent Technologies
2004 Richard M. Levy Varian Medical Systems
2005 Thomas J. Engibous Texas Instruments, Inc.
2006 Chuck Geschke Adobe Systems
John Warnock Adobe Systems
2007 William T. Archey AeA
2008 Paul S. Otellini Intel Corporation
2009 John W. Thompson Symantec Corporation
2010 Marc Benioff Salesforce.com
2011 Ray Lane Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
2012 Reid Hoffman Greylock Partners