Ahmad II of Tunis

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Ahmed Bey (Bey of Tunis, Tunisia)

Ahmad II ibn Ali (13 April 1862 – 19 June 1942) (Tunisian Arabic: أحمد باي بن علي باي‎, ʾAḥmad Bāy bin ʿAlī Bāy) was the ruler of Tunisia from 11 February 1929 until his death. He was the son of Ali Muddat ibn al-Husayn.

He was born in the Dar al-Taj Palace at La Marsa. On 14 January 1928 he became the Bey al-Mahalla (crown prince) of Tunis, and thus the lieutenant-general of the Beylical Army, and became bey upon the death of his cousin Muhammad VI al-Habib.

Ahmad died at La Marsa and was buried at the Turbat al-Bey. He was succeeded by his cousin Muhammad VII al-Munsif.

Ahmad II had ten sons and eight daughters, including Prince Muhammad al-Taib Bey (1902–1989) who was the head of the Husainid Dynasty from 1974 until 1989.

Preceded by
Muhammad VI al-Habib
Bey of Tunis
Succeeded by
Muhammad VII al-Munsif