Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas

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Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas
Also known as Perfect Vengeance
Genre Melodrama
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Denoy Navarro-Punio
Written by Des Garbes-Severino
Marlon Miguel
Leilani Chavez
Directed by Laurice Guillen
Creative director(s) Jun Lana
Starring Lovi Poe
Cesar Montano
Rocco Nacino
Solenn Heussaff
Charee Pineda
Gloria Romero
Liza Lorena
Gary Estrada
Theme music composer Pearisha Abubakar
Opening theme "Huwag Kang Mangako"
Performed by Lovi Poe
Composer(s) Cecille Azarcon Inocentes
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 79 episodes
(List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Meann P. Regala
Location(s) Tagaytay
Cinematography Monino Duque
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release September 9 (2013-09-09) – December 27, 2013 (2013-12-27)
Preceded by Mundo Mo'y Akin
Followed by Rhodora X
External links
Website www.gmanetwork.com/entertainment/shows/akinparinangbukas

Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas or Perfect Vengeance (international title) is a Filipino drama television series created and developed by Denoy Navarro Punio and produced by GMA Network. The series is premiered on September 9, 2013 replacing Mundo Mo'y Akin on the network's coveted primetime block, and on September 10, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. It headlines Lovi Poe, Rocco Nacino, Cesar Montano, Charee Pineda, Liza Lorena, Gary Estrada, Solenn Heussaff and Gloria Romero. The series is under the helm of Laurice Guillen, and Meann P. Regala serves as the executive producer for the entire run of the show. The series concluded on December 27, 2013 it slated sixteen week with the total of seventy nine episodes it will be replaced by Rhodora X on its timeslot.[1]

The forty-five-minute scripted drama tells the story of Lovelia Villacorta (played by Poe), a woman who turns vengeful against the people who wronged her and will prove that she deserves equal rights and love like the rest, even if she were born out of wedlock.


The story revolves around Lovelia Villacorta, who, after having been deceived by the people she loved, seeks to reclaim what is rightfully hers. She learns to take matters into her own hands and seeks revenge against Jerry, the man whom she loved and Agatha, the woman who stole all her possessions including her lover's heart. Somewhere along the way, she meets Conrad Alperos who helps her exact vengeance against people who made her life miserable.

Cast and Characters[edit]

Main Characters[edit]

The series featured eight main characters, with many other characters recurring throughout its run.

  • Lovi Poe portrays Lovelia Villacorta or Lovelia Ignacio Santos Villacorta-Sandoval, the series' main protagonist. But later the series' new main antagonist. She is the bastard daughter of the wealthy Roel Villacorta to his former maidservant, Emma Ignacio. Lovelia works as creative director of "Empress Jewels", her family's jewelry business. Meek and conservative, Lovelia has a hard time living up to the standards set by her grandmother, Beatrice. Her being timid and insecure keep her from taking any stand. But after being deceived and betrayed, Lovelia emerges into a strong, dignified and cunning woman. Under the protective wing of Conrad Alperos, she begins to plot her revenge on those whom she once loved so much. In this finale Lovelia's birthday surprises at CEO.[2]
  • Rocco Nacino portrays Jerry Sandoval † or Jericho/Gerard Sebastian, the love interest of Lovelia Villacorta. Jerry is a college undergraduate and a good-for-nothing man. As a professional con artist, Jerry is a well-trained liar, intelligent, sweet-talker and crafty. Together with his long-time lover and partner-in-crime Agatha Morales, Jerry schemes to deceive both Lovelia and her father, Roel. Jerry uses his wit and charm to gain her trust, confidence and love, then later on, takes advantage of that trust in order to obtain his own personal interest. In this finale Jerry shot died by Agatha and shot Agatha.[3]
  • Cesar Montano portrays Atty. Conrad Alperos, the most trusted lawyer of Roel Villacorta—who happens to be the son of his mother's ex-husband, Don Jaime Villacorta. Conrad is intelligent, righteous, compassionate and charismatic. He is in a relationship with Jade Carmelo, but eventually falls in love with Lovelia and helps her to fight back and avenge against the people who made her life miserable.[4]
  • Charee Pineda portrays Agatha Morales † or Agathalia, the series' main antagonist. A stereotypical femme fatale—Agatha is an ambitious, opportunist and scheming woman who is willing to compromise her integrity and morals for her selfish motives. Agatha is so envious of the life that Lovelia leads and is determined to take everything away from her, including her family and the love of the man she has always longed for. In this finale Agatha shot died by Tisoy.[5]
  • Gary Estrada portrays Roel Villacorta †, the one and only son and heir of Don Jaime and Señora Beatrice, and father to Lovelia Villacorta. He works as vice president of "Empress Jewels". Roel is described as happy-go-lucky and a simple-minded womanizer. But despite his fondness for beautiful and sexy women, Roel doesn't want to commit to a relationship, until he meets Agatha Morales. He eventually falls madly in love with her and thinks he's finally found the girl of his dreams—unaware of Agatha's true motives and full agenda. He was even killed, by Brando's servant, but led by Agatha.
  • Liza Lorena portrays Señora Beatrice Villacorta, the matriarch of the Villacorta's, second-wife of Jaime and mother to Roel. She is the owner and president of the famous "Empress Jewels", a (fictional) multinational luxury jewelry retailer. Beatrice is described as strict, perfectionist, domineering and arrogant woman. She loathes Lovelia for being her son's daughter to a lowly servant—which for her would bring shame on Villacorta's untainted reputation.[6]
  • Gloria Romero portrays Doña Cristina Alperos, the loving mother of Conrad Alperos. Cristina is characterized as being graceful and elegant old lady, who is also a successful businesswoman. Ironically, Doña Cristina is the ex-wife of Don Jaime Villacorta. Though basically kind, Cristina goes nasty and opinionated when Beatrice is around.
  • Solenn Heussaff portrays Jade Carmelo, the girlfriend of Conrad Alperos. Jade is the epitome of all female qualities desired by any man — beautiful, sexy, intelligent, rich and strong-willed. However, lack of time due to her busy schedule (Jade is a doctor) strains her relationship with Conrad. When Conrad decides to break up with her, Jade goes berserk and take revenge on him and Lovelia.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Below is the list of notables recurring roles during series.

Actor or actress Character Character description Episode count
Ina Feleo Emma Ignacio The loving mother of Lovelia Villacorta. 6
Freddie Webb Don Jaime Villacorta † Señora Beatrice's husband and father to Roel; a shipping magnate. In the 6th episode, it was revealed that Jaime died of a heart attack. 1
Kier Legaspi Brando Morales † Agatha and Junior Morales' father; corrupt policeman. Brando was shot by Jerry. 16
Jaclyn Jose Manang Gilda A kind-hearted lady who saved and helped Lovelia recover after an accident that left many believing that she is dead. 4
Kyle Ocampo Onay The Loving and Caring daughter of Manang Gilda. 4
Dex Quindoza Jun Jerry's buddy. 15
Leandro Baldemor Franco Clarete The jail breaker friend of Brando, who helped his daughter Agatha, to kill Rowell and also try to kill Lovelia. 2
Ruru Madrid Junior Morales Agatha Morales' younger brother. A handcuffed; Junior also served as his sister's conscience. 10
Glenda Garcia Jenny Señora Beatrice's trusted personal assistant, and somewhat a confidant and adviser to Lovelia. 18
Rodjun Cruz Inspector Xyrus The Inspector who helped Lovelia and Conrad to solve the case in the death of Rowell, and The one to try to kill Lovelia. 5
Tiya Pusit Nanay Selya The head servant in the Villacorta mansion. 11
Lollie Mara Doña Conchita Señora Beatrice's friend. 8
Steven Silva Tisoy Jerry's buddy. 15
Jan Marini Ailyn Medrano Emma's best friend and confidante. 3


Poe plays the series' main protagonist, Lovelia Villacorta.
Montano portrays Conrad Alperos.
Pineda portrays the antagonist Agatha Morales.
Madrid portrays Pineda's sister Junior Morales.

Conception and development[edit]

In late April 2013, GMA Network announced that they were developing a yet-to-be-titled Lovi Poe-starrer primetime drama project. The network's resident screenwriter, Denoy Navarro-Punio conceptualized and developed the story which tells of "a woman born out of wedlock, and who, amidst adversaries, gets back on her feet to claim the life and love she deserves."[7]

The network's drama department hired seasoned actress and director, Laurice Guillen to helm the series.[8] In an interview, when asked what got her to accepting an assignment she, in the past, had dodged (she appeared on several television series as an actor, but she wouldn't dip her fingers into it as a director), Guillen admitted that "the offer was good, plus more." The network [for one], accommodated certain requests pertaining to shooting schedules given her aversion to taping long hours or till the "wee" hours of the morning. As to the actors she assembled for the series, Guillen said she was glad that most, if not all, of them are competent performers and "they are the best cast possible in terms of talent and professionalism".[9] She's also very happy with the story, with the writers and creative team, and the network support.[10] Apart from that, Guillen also stated her more personal reasons for saying "yes", said that "I told myself, when will I do something like this? [...] I'm not getting any younger, and when I am no longer physically capable of directing one, I don't want to regret that I didn't do it, at least once."[11]

Production began in June 2013. Most of the series' were shot on location in Tagaytay. Other locations include Antipolo City, Quiapo and San Juan, Manila. The official cast photos, logo and teasers were released on July 2013, while its first-look trailer was released on September 5. The premiere was planned for July 29,[12] but because of some unexpected production-related problems, delayed until September 9, 2013. The show is originally slated to run for sixteen weeks.[13] However, in an interview (Business World, dated November 18, 2013), Poe revealed that the series has been extended for another five weeks "after gaining a strong following since it debuted in September."[14]


The network began casting for Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas (literally means Tomorrow Is Still Mine) in May 2013. The first actor to be cast was Lovi Poe as the lead protagonist Lovelia Villacorta, followed by Rocco Nacino as Jerry, the love interest.[15]

After the first sit down meeting with creative director Jun Lana, Cesar Montano immediately agreed to star on the series. Montano also stated that it was his desire to work again with director, Laurice Guillen—who was his director in the 1989 film Ang Bukas ay Akin, which he won his very first acting award—as one of the main reasons why he accepted the project.[16]

The network also announced the inclusion of Solenn Heussaff, Gary Estrada and Charee Pineda as series regulars.[17] The role of Jade Carmelo was originally offered to Alessandra de Rossi but she turned it down, and so it was given to Heussaff.[18] Estrada signed on to portray Roel Villacorta, while Pineda was cast as the main villain Agatha Morales.[19]

After signing an exclusive contract with the network, veteran actress Helen Gamboa was cast as Beatrice Villacorta in the project.[20] However, she had to drop out of the series for "health reasons".[21] Gamboa had already finished twenty-two sequences in different locations, so the production had to re-shoot all her scenes. Liza Lorena who was originally tapped to play another important role in the series, was asked to replace Gamboa.[22] On the other hand, veteran actress, Gloria Romero, took the original role of Liza Lorena as Cristina Alperos, stated that she was hesitant to accept the said role when it was first offered to her.[23] But after a meeting with the production people regarding the concept, story line, her character and "when they told me that the director will be Laurice Guillen, I immediately grabbed the project."[24]


The song "Huwag Kang Mangako" Performed by Lovi Poe was used as the theme song of the show. The classic and melodic OPM was composed by Cecille Azarcon Inocentes and first sung by Kuh Ledesma in 1990 as part of her album "Lihim" released by Blackgold Records.[25] The song's lyrics tells of a woman who has been hurt many times in the past asking her lover not to make a promise of eternal love if he can't keep it. Musical scorer Pearisha Abubakar created the underscore for the show.


The series is considered as "ratings success". Based on household data recorded by Nielsen TV Audience Measurement in National Urban Philippines from September 9–20, 2013 (based on overnight readings), the series registered an average household rating of 20.5 percent against its competition Muling Buksan Ang Puso (ABS-CBN) with 19.8 percent and Sine Ko 5ingko Prime (TV5) with 6.9 percent. For the same period in Urban Luzon, it scored an average household rating of 24.1 percent versus MBAP’s 18 percent and SK5P's 6.8 percent. In Mega Manila, it got an average household rating of 25.7 percent against MBAP's 17.3 percent and SK5P’s 7.2 percent.[26]

Aside from ratings game, the series is also considered as a "critical success" from its pilot telecast. Journal's resident entertainment columnist, Mario Bautista praised Rocco Nacino's acting performances, said that "[Nacino is] fascinating to watch in Akin Pa rin ang Bukas because he obviously understands his role well. As the scheming and double dealing Jerry, he is a young man from squatters who try to make it appear in front of Lovi Poe as Lovelia that he is rich and cultured. When he's at home with the squatters, he really acts like a regular uncouth 'sanggan'. But when he's with Lovi and Cesar Montano, he speaks in English and delivers lines he quotes from the Hollywood movies he watches and imitates.[27] In his reviews, Isah Red of Manila Standard Today, praised Poe as she "continues to amaze the audience with her nearly naturalistic performance as a woman who is struggling between death and love." Red also praised series' director Laurice Guillen, said that "[Guillen] is meticulous in making sure that it does not develop into a nonsensical melodrama in which the plot meanders repetitiously. And I am glad its storyline goes into the direction in which we discover a lot about the characters."[28]

That's why it is extended for 5 weeks, airing from September 2013 to December 2013, With the total of 79 days and 16 weeks airing.

International Broadcast[edit]

Vietnam Vietnam

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