Al-Nasr (Afghanistan)

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Participant in the Soviet war in Afghanistan
Emblem of the Nasr Party (Afghanistan).svg
Active 1980s
Ideology Shia Islamism
Hazara nationalism
Leaders Muhammad Hussain Sadiqi
Abdul Ali Mazari
Shaykh Shafak
Part of Tehran Eight
Allies  Iran
Opponents Soviet Union Soviet Union
Afghanistan Democratic Republic of Afghanistan

Al-Nasr (النصر; Arabic for "Victory") was a Hazara militant group, opposed to the leftist Afghan government during the 1980s After the Revolutionary Council of Islamic Unity of Afghanistan, Al-Nasr was the elite militant group. The organisation included many young men educated in Kabul, including Shia clergymen, and received support from the Khomeini government. [1] It was a part of the Tehran Eight political constellation.