Afghanistan Liberation Organization

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Afghanistan Liberation Organization
سازمان رهایی افغانستان
Founder Faiz Ahmad
Founded 1973
Ideology Communism,
Political position Far-left
Party flag
Afghanistan Liberation Organization (flag).svg

Afghanistan Liberation Organization (Persian: سازمان رهایی افغانستان‎‎, Sazman-i Rihayi Afghanistan, ALO) is a Maoist political group in Afghanistan. It was founded by Dr. Faiz Ahmad and some others in 1973. ALO is one of several organization that grew out of the Sholaye Javid (Eternal Flame) movement. ALO was originally named Revolutionary Group of the Peoples of Afghanistan (گروه انقلابی خلقهای افغانستان, RGPA);[1] it was renamed in 1980.

It was highly critical of the Soviet war in Afghanistan and actively fought against what it considered social imperialism. In June 1979, RGPA convened the Mujahedin Freedom Fighters Front of Afghanistan together with Islamist elements, as a united front against the pro-Soviet government.

Along with some other Islamist groups, RGPA directed an uprising in Kabul and other cities on August 5, 1979, that became known as the Bala Hissar uprising. The uprising was suppressed by the government and tens of ALO cadres were killed and arrested. Some of the central committee members like Mohammad Mohsin, Mohammad Dawod and others were executed in the Pul-e-Charkhi prison.

ALO had many fronts against the Soviets and pro-Soviet Afghan communists in different parts of Afghanistan and was attacked by both the Soviet forces and the fundamentalist groups of Mujahideen. They lost over 120 of its cadres during the war.[2][non-primary source needed]

Dr. Faiz Ahmad himself was assassinated on November 12, 1986, along with his 6 other comrades by the Hizb-e Islami militia of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

More recently, ALO has directed its energies towards opposing the American occupation of Afghanistan and the regime of President Hamid Karzai.


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