National United Party of Afghanistan

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National United Party of Afghanistan

حزب متحد ملی افغانستان
LeaderEngineer Bahadur Ayubi
FounderNur ul-Haq Ulumi
Founded21 August 2003
HeadquartersKabul, Afghanistan
Left-wing nationalism
Gender Equality
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationNational Coalition of Afghanistan[1][2]
Seats in the House of the People
1 / 249
Seats in the House of Elders
0 / 102
Party flag
Flag of the National United Party of Afghanistan.svg
Official Website

The National United Party of Afghanistan (Persian: حزب متحد ملی افغانستانHezb-e Muttahed-e Melli) is a major left-wing political party in Afghanistan.[3]

The party was formed on the 21 August 2003 by a group of former members of the PDPA.[4] The party was registered on 21 August 2003.[5] The party aims to unite all remaining former members of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan.[6]

The party was led by Nur ul-Haq Ulumi, a former member of the Central Committee of the PDPA's Parcham faction,[4] and is a member of the National Coalition of Afghanistan led by Abdullah Abdullah.[1][2]

Ulumi, the party's leader, was elected as an MP for Kandahar Province in 2005, with 13,035 out of a total of 178,269 votes. The only candidate to receive a higher number of votes was Qayum Karzai, the elder brother of President Hamid Karzai, who received 14,243 votes. In 2010 Ulumi failed to be re-elected, failing to receive even 3,000 out of a total of 85,385 votes, amid accusations of electoral fraud and vote rigging.[7]

Having supported Abdullah Abdullah in the 2014 Afghan presidential election,[8] party leader Nur ul-Haq Ulumi was nominated by Abdullah to be Minister of Interior in the unity government of Ashraf Ghani in January 2015.[9] A ban was however imposed by the Parliament on cabinet minister appointments with dual citizenship. After renouncing his dual citizenship Ulumi was nominated again,[10] and was confirmed as Interior Minister on the 27 January 2015. Since according to the laws of Afghanistan, It's illegal for ministers of the military section of the country to be members of any party, Ulumi's membership was cancelled in the party until his position time as the minister is completed and was replaced by Engineer Bahadur Ayubi who's the acting leader of the party now.[11]


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