Alif Alif Atoll

Coordinates: 3°52′N 72°49′E / 3.867°N 72.817°E / 3.867; 72.817
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Alifu Alifu Atoll
Location in Maldives
Location in Maldives
Corresponding geographic atoll(s)Ari Atoll Uthuruburi
Location4° N and 72.8° E
 • Atoll Chief[1]
 • Total5,905
Letter code
Dhivehi letter code
AA (އއ)
 • Number of islands33
 • Inhabited islandsBodufolhudhoo
 • Uninhabited islandsAlikoirah, Bathalaa*, Beyrumadivaru, Dhin-nolhufinolhu, Ellaidhoo*, Etheramadivaru, Fesdhoo*, Fusfinolhu, Fushi, Gaagandu, Gaathufushi*, Gangehi*, Halaveli*, Kandholhudhoo*, Kudafolhudhoo*, Kuramathi*, Maagaa, Maayyafushi*, Madivarufinolhu, Madoogali, Mathivereefinolhu, Meerufenfushi, Mushimasgali, Rasdhoo madivaru, Velidhoo*, Veligandu*, Vihamaafaru
Resort islands(*), airports(¤) and industrial islands are also considered uninhabited.

Alif Alif Atoll (also known as Northern Ari Atoll or Ari Atholhu Uthuruburi) is an administrative division of the Maldives. It was created on March 1, 1984, combining northern section of Ari Atoll, the small Rasdhukuramathi Atoll, and the isolated island of Thoddoo. Many of the islands in this atoll have been inhabited since ancient times and have archaeological remains from the Maldivian Buddhist period.

The separation of Ari Atoll (formerly Alifu Atoll) into a Northern and a Southern section has formed the two most recent administrative divisions of the Maldives, namely Alifu Alifu Atoll and Alifu Dhaalu Atoll.


The North Ari Atoll administrative division consists of the northern part of the geographic or natural atoll Ari Atoll (described as Northern Ari Atoll in this context to differentiate from the official name of the administrative division), Rasdhukuramathi Atoll and Thoddoo Island. The atolls consists of Inhabited Islands and Uninhabited Island, a definition which includes resort islands, airport islands and industrial islands.

Inhabited islands[edit]

Name Population[1] Coordinates[2] Geographic Atoll/Island Remarks
Bodufolhudhoo 586 4°11′7″N 72°46′23″E / 4.18528°N 72.77306°E / 4.18528; 72.77306 Northern Ari Atoll
Feridhoo 413 4°3′3″N 72°43′31″E / 4.05083°N 72.72528°E / 4.05083; 72.72528 Northern Ari Atoll
Himandhoo 667 3°55′15″N 72°44′38″E / 3.92083°N 72.74389°E / 3.92083; 72.74389 Northern Ari Atoll
Maalhos 408 3°59′13″N 72°43′11″E / 3.98694°N 72.71972°E / 3.98694; 72.71972 Northern Ari Atoll
Mathiveri 623 4°11′30″N 72°44′46″E / 4.19167°N 72.74611°E / 4.19167; 72.74611 Northern Ari Atoll
Rasdhoo 949 4°15′46″N 72°59′31″E / 4.26278°N 72.99194°E / 4.26278; 72.99194 Rasdhukuramathi Atoll Capital of North Ari Atoll administrative division, known as Ross Atoll in the Admiralty Charts
Thoddoo 2,023 4°26′20″N 72°57′31″E / 4.43889°N 72.95861°E / 4.43889; 72.95861 Thoddoo Island
Ukulhas 921 4°12′53″N 72°51′50″E / 4.21472°N 72.86389°E / 4.21472; 72.86389 Northern Ari Atoll

Maalhos: Maalhos is geographically the westernmost island of the Atoll and the second-most westerly inhabited island of the Maldives after Maamakunudhoo. Vajrayana Buddhist remains have been found on this island.

Rasdhoo: Rasdhoo is the capital island of the North Ari Atoll administrative division. It has ferry connections with Malé as well as the other inhabited islands of the atoll. The island has several guesthouses catering to tourists visiting inhabited islands rather than resort islands.

Resort islands[edit]

Resort islands are classified as Uninhabited Islands which have been converted to become resorts. The following are the resort islands, with the official name of the resort.

Name Resort Name Coordinates[3] Geographic Atoll Remarks
Bathalaa Bathala Island Resort[4] 4°4′13″N 72°56′43″E / 4.07028°N 72.94528°E / 4.07028; 72.94528 Northern Ari Atoll
Ellaidhoo Ellaidhoo Maldives[5] 4°0′22″N 72°56′56″E / 4.00611°N 72.94889°E / 4.00611; 72.94889 Northern Ari Atoll
Fesdhoo W Maldives[6] 4°0′24″N 72°48′39″E / 4.00667°N 72.81083°E / 4.00667; 72.81083 Northern Ari Atoll
Gaathafushi Gaathufushi Private Island [7] 4°1′24″N 72°48′38″E / 4.02333°N 72.81056°E / 4.02333; 72.81056 Northern Ari Atoll Owned by W Maldives
Gangehi Gangehi Island Resort[8] 4°13′12″N 72°45′18″E / 4.22000°N 72.75500°E / 4.22000; 72.75500 Northern Ari Atoll Owned by UHC Resorts
Halaveli Constance Halaveli[9] 4°2′17″N 72°55′9″E / 4.03806°N 72.91917°E / 4.03806; 72.91917 Northern Ari Atoll
Kan'dholhudhoo Kandolhu Maldives[10] 4°0′9″N 72°52′53″E / 4.00250°N 72.88139°E / 4.00250; 72.88139 Northern Ari Atoll
Kudafolhudhoo Nika Island Resort[11] 4°10′52″N 72°46′1″E / 4.18111°N 72.76694°E / 4.18111; 72.76694 Northern Ari Atoll
Kuramathi Kuramathi Maldives[12] 4°15′33″N 72°58′45″E / 4.25917°N 72.97917°E / 4.25917; 72.97917 Rasdhukuramathi Atoll
Maayafushi Voi Maayafushi Resort 4°4′25″N 72°53′15″E / 4.07361°N 72.88750°E / 4.07361; 72.88750 Northern Ari Atoll
Velidhoo Velidhoo Island Resort 4°11′41″N 72°49′6″E / 4.19472°N 72.81833°E / 4.19472; 72.81833 Northern Ari Atoll
Veligandu Veligandu Island Resort[13] 4°17′56″N 73°0′41″E / 4.29889°N 73.01139°E / 4.29889; 73.01139 Northern Ari Atoll

Veligandu: Veligandu covers 22 acres (8.9 ha) and it is 600 metres long. It is a holiday resort with 91 rooms and an excellent snorkelling reef. A large number of workers at the resort come from Sri Lanka and India. The island is linked to Male by seaplane services.

Other uninhabited islands[edit]

Name Current usage Coordinates Geographic Atoll/Island Remarks
Alikoirah 3°56′36″N 72°52′49″E / 3.94333°N 72.88028°E / 3.94333; 72.88028 Northern Ari Atoll
Etheremadivaru 4°7′7″N 72°56′16″E / 4.11861°N 72.93778°E / 4.11861; 72.93778 Northern Ari Atoll Earmarked for resort development by Emaar Group as Address Madivaru, scheduled for opening in 2020.[14]
Fusfinolhu 4°1′6″N 72°57′30″E / 4.01833°N 72.95833°E / 4.01833; 72.95833 Northern Ari Atoll
Fushi 4°12′56″N 72°53′1″E / 4.21556°N 72.88361°E / 4.21556; 72.88361 Northern Ari Atoll
Gaagandu 4°13′58″N 72°51′54″E / 4.23278°N 72.86500°E / 4.23278; 72.86500 Northern Ari Atoll
Maagau 3°59′20″N 72°57′25″E / 3.98889°N 72.95694°E / 3.98889; 72.95694 Northern Ari Atoll
Madivaru 4°15′55″N 72°0′0″E / 4.26528°N 72.00000°E / 4.26528; 72.00000 Northern Ari Atoll Formerly Banyan Tree Madivaru, now closed
Madivarufinolhu 4°16′7″N 73°0′0″E / 4.26861°N 73.00000°E / 4.26861; 73.00000 Rasdhukuramathi Atoll
Madoogali 4°5′45″N 72°45′10″E / 4.09583°N 72.75278°E / 4.09583; 72.75278 Northern Ari Atoll
Mathivereefinolhu 4°11′6″N 72°45′2″E / 4.18500°N 72.75056°E / 4.18500; 72.75056 Northern Ari Atoll
Mushimasmigili 3°57′32″N 72°54′47″E / 3.95889°N 72.91306°E / 3.95889; 72.91306 Northern Ari Atoll
Vihamaafaru 4°7′19″N 72°44′47″E / 4.12194°N 72.74639°E / 4.12194; 72.74639 Northern Ari Atoll



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3°52′N 72°49′E / 3.867°N 72.817°E / 3.867; 72.817