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All in the Mind is a half-hour magazine radio programme about psychology and psychiatry, broadcast in weekly episodes on Radio 4 and produced by the BBC's Science Unit.[1] It is currently presented by Claudia Hammond.[2] Former presenters have included Dr Raj Persaud,[3] Dr Kwame McKenzie, Dr Tanya Byron,[4] and the first presenter of the series, Professor Anthony Clare.

All in the Mind
Running time28 mins
Country of origin United Kingdom
Home stationBBC Radio 4
Hosted byAnthony Clare
Raj Persaud
Kwame McKenzie
Tanya Byron
Claudia Hammond
Produced byFiona Hill
PodcastPodcast RSS feed


The programme is typically broadcast at 9 pm on a Tuesday, with a repeat the next day (Wednesday) at 3:30 pm.

Partial episode list for 2011 series[edit]

Date Key Topics Guest(s)/Interview(s)
17 May Coping with earthquakes, making reference to post traumatic stress disorder. Effectiveness of placebos. Listeners' correspondence previous week's subject of ostracism. Ted Kaptchuk & Irene Tracey (Placebos)
24 May Stereotyping
31 May Emotional abuse and sexual abuse in teenage relationships. Superior autobiographic memory (SAM), including Magnetic Resonance Imaging of people with exceptionally good memories. James McGorr & Bob Atrella (SAM)
7 Jun Compassion in therapy, psychology of conjuring, whether television may be influencing children to eat junk food.
17 Jun Responses to news of impending death. The difficulties in making predictions. Elizabeth Kubler Ross (News of death)
21 Jun Stress, including mindfulness, influence of status hierarchy position on stress levels, and locus of control. Angela Clow, Michael Marnet
28 Jun Mental illness and life expectancy in Hong Kong.
5 Jul Compulsive Gambling and correlation of impulsivity, gambling behaviour (especially a belief in the gambler's fallacy and superstitious beliefs. Mental health benefits from working on allotments.
12 Jul Motivations of, and help for, arsonists. Autism within families. Tessa Gannon (Arson) Dr Michael Spencer (Autsim)
4 Oct Relationship between mental illness and premature mortality. Weight gain associated with some anti-psychotic drugs. Possible behavioural modification in eating habits to treat eating disorders.
25 Oct Improving memory through self-testing at night-time.
1 Nov Special edition on the book 'Nudge' by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein
15 Nov Interview with Daniel Kahnemann, the founding father of behavioural economics. The case study of a paid of Canadian conjoined twins linked by their thalamus. Dementia, and splits to the corpus callosum. Daniel Kahnemann (Relationship between economics and psychology)
22 Nov Psychology of the riots in the UK in 2011. Effects of childhood bullying.
13 Dec Changes in the hippocampus of taxi drivers, and more broadly, changes in brain structure following repeated performance of tasks requiring particular skills.

Episode list for 2012 series[edit]

Episode descriptions are largely as provided by the BBC.[5]

Date Key Topics Guest(s)/Interview(s)
1 May The impact of future health reforms on mental health services. The psychology of online dating.
8 May HMP Grendon, the only prison in Europe that runs as a therapeutic community.
15 May Money and motivation, street therapy and reforming the law on insanity.
22 May 3D body scanners and eating disorders, rise of the 'neuro-novel', and teenagers' brains.
29 May Assessment of the possibility of a vaccine against depression.
5 Jun Interview with Jacopo Annese from the San Diego brain observatory about brain donation. Jacopo Annese (Organ donation)
12 Jun The senior executive and her female stalker; babies as jokers; sports participation.
19 Jun Deaths of patients on psychiatric wards. Whether parenthood increases happiness. Club drug clinic.
25 Jun Depressive illness, ecotherapy, and the evidence for 'green therapy'. Richard Maybey (Depressive illness)


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