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Allen Stroud
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Known forSci-fi Fantasy Writing
Notable workWriting for Elite: Dangerous, Chaos Reborn, Phoenix Point Edit this at Wikidata

Allen Stroud is a researcher and university lecturer at Coventry University. He is currently leading the Creative Futures project, a funded research partnership between Coventry University and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). Previously, he was Course Leader for the BA Media (Hons) Top Up and BA (Hons) Media and Communications. Before that, he was the course leader for Film and Television Production and the Creative Writing for Publication degrees at Bucks New University.[1][2] Up until the end of 2019, he was the editor of the British Fantasy Society Journal.[3] He also composes instrumental music;[3] however, Stroud is best known for his sci-fi fantasy novels and video game writing. He was the 2017 and 2018 chair of Fantasycon, the annual convention of the British Fantasy Society, which hosts the British Fantasy Awards.

In 2017, Stroud completed a Ph.D. at the University of Winchester entitled An Investigation and Application of Writing Structures and World Development Techniques in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

In June 2019, Allen Stroud became Chair of the British Science Fiction Association, taking over from Donna Bond.

Video games[edit]

Stroud first became known for his video game writing with his work on world-building and novelisation of Video games such as Elite: Dangerous.[4] For Elite: Dangerous, he wrote six guidebooks that inform the fictional narrative within the game and also serve to help other writers with the novelisation of their stories within the game's world.[3] He also became a founding and continuing host of Lave Radio, a free podcast related to Elite: Dangerous that started in February 2013.[3][5] His novelisation of the Elite: Dangerous game world began after he completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for the novel, Elite: Lave Revolution.[6] Stroud is now working on a team which is developing a role-playing game set in the Elite: Dangerous game world.[7]

Stroud's next video game world-building and novelisation work occurred with the development of Chaos Reborn.[4] For Chaos Reborn, he worked collaboratively with the game's designer, Julian Gollop, to devise history and lore for the game world.[3]

In 2017, Stroud worked with Gollop and Jonas Kyratzes to develop the dystopian world in the game Phoenix Point.[8] Many of Stroud's short stories for Phoenix Point have been made available to readers for free.[9]

Year Video Game Developer
2014 Elite: Dangerous Frontier Developments
2015 Chaos Reborn Snapshot Games
2019 Phoenix Point Snapshot Games
2020 Baldur's Gate III Larian Studios

Books and stories[edit]

Stroud has written for a variety of different short story anthologies. In 2016, his story "The Last Tank Commander" appeared in Crises and Conflicts from Newcon Press. Baen Books Editor David Afshariad selected this for the 2017 edition of The Year's Best Military & Adventure SF.

Stroud's story "Reader" appears in Alice Macklin's 2017 anthology Read This First.

In 2018, Stroud's story "Dancers" was included in 2001: An Odyssey in Words published by Newcon Press. This is an anthology published to commemorate the 100th birthday of the late Arthur C. Clarke and features work by Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Peter Hamilton, Stephen Baxter (author), Alastair Reynolds and Pat Cadigan amongst others.

In 2020, Grimbold Books publishedForgotten Sidekicks which features Stroud's short story, "Saving Simon" - a spiritual successor to John Wagner's 1981 short story "Sinful Simon".

Year Book Series Genre ISBN-10 ASIN Publisher
2011 A Bag of Bedtime Tales N/A Various N/A B006PS20WW HWS Press
2012 The Sword of Wisimir The Wisimir Tales (Book 1) Fantasy 1533198853 B00AO614NW HWS Press
2012 The Dragon of Wisimir The Wisimir Tales (Book 2) Fantasy 1535033967 B00AO6IW0K HWS Press
2013 The Lord of Wisimir The Wisimir Tales (Book 3) Fantasy 1535045388 B00FIOIK2I HWS Press
2015 Elite: Lave Revolution Science fiction 1910987131 B010GGFAWK HWS Press
2016 Dreams of Chaos The Death of Gods Trilogy (Book 1) Fantasy 1910987085 B01GY41FS6 HWS Press
2016 Chaos Reborn: The Loremaster's Guide N/A Fantasy 1910987123 N/A HWS Press
2016 ToryTimes: A Collection of Tragic Poems N/A Poetry N/A B01CAS0IS8 HWS Press
2017 The Forever Man N/A Fantasy 1910987123 B07577M5NT Luna Press
2020 Fearless The Fractal Series Book 1 Science fiction 1787585423 Flame Tree Press
2022 Resilient The Fractal Series Book 2 Science fiction 1787587150 Flame Tree Press
2023 Europa The Fractal Series Episodes 1 Science fiction 1787588240 Flame Tree Press


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