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This article is about the name. For the lake in Minnesota, see Lake Allie.
Not to be confused with Ally.
Gender Unisex
Other names
See also Alison, Allison, Allyson, Alexandra, Alex, Alanna, Alan, Albert, Alexander

Allie is a unisex given name, a nickname and, more rarely a surname. It is a pet form of names beginning with Al.[1] It may refer to:

Given name or nickname[edit]


  • Alexandria Allie DeBerry (born 1994), American actress and model
  • Alexandra Allie DiMeco (born 1992), American actress and musician
  • Allie Vibert Douglas (1894-1988), Canadian astronomer and first Canadian woman astrophysicist
  • Allie Eagle (born 1949), New Zealand artist
  • Alvira "Allie" Earp, common-law wife of Virgil Earp (1843-1905), American Old West lawman
  • Alyssa Allie Gonino (born 1989 or 1990), American actress
  • Allie Grant (born 1994), American actress
  • Allie Hann-McCurdy (born 1987), Canadian ice dancer
  • Allie Hixson (1924–2007), American feminist
  • Alexandra Allie Kiick (born 1995), American tennis player
  • Allie B. Latimer (born 1929), first woman and first African-American to serve as General Counsel of a major United States federal agency
  • Alexandra Allie Long (born 1987), American soccer player
  • Alexandra Allie MacDonald (born 1988), Canadian actress
  • Allie Beth Martin (1914–1976), American librarian, educator, politician and author
  • Alexandria Allie Quigley (born 1986), American–Hungarian Women's National Basketball Association player
  • Alexandra Rout (born 1993), New Zealand figure skater and former national champion
  • Allie Thunstrom (born 1988), American speed skater and former ice hockey player
  • Alexandria Allie Trimm (born 1994), American actress
  • Allie Teilz (born 1994), DJ and designer
  • Allie Will (born 1991), American tennis player
  • Allie (wrestler) (born 1987), Canadian professional wrestler


  • Alfred Allie Clark (1923-2012), American Major League Baseball player
  • Allie Craycraft (born 1932), American former politician
  • Albert Allie Lampard (1885-1984), Australian cricketer
  • Alfred Allie McGuire (born 1951), American former basketball player
  • Albert Allie Miller (1886-?), American college football player and head coach
  • Alvin Allie Morrison (1904-1966), American freestyle wrestler, 1928 Olympic gold medalist and national champion
  • Alva Allie Paine (1919-2008), American basketball player
  • Allie Reynolds (1917-1994), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Alex Allie Sherman (1923-2015), American former National Football League player and head coach
  • Allie Edward Stakes Stephens (1900-1973), American politician
  • Albert Allie Strobel (1884–1955), American Major League Baseball player
  • Thomas Allison Allie White (1915–1996), American football player
  • Elias Allie Wrubel (1905–1973), American composer and songwriter

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Allie Caulfield, Holden Caulfield's dead brother in the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
  • Allie Fox, from the book and movie The Mosquito Coast
  • Allison "Allie" Hamilton, a fictional character from the novel The Notebook and its movie adaptation
  • Allie Keys, in the science fiction miniseries Taken, played by Dakota Fanning
  • Allison "Allie" Lowell, one of the lead characters in the American TV series Kate & Allie


  • Gair Allie (born 1931), American Major League Baseball player in 1954
  • Nazeer Allie (born 1985), South African footballer
  • Scott Allie, American comics writer and editor, editor-in-chief of Dark Horse Comics from 2012 to 2015


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