Altınkaya Dam

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Altınkaya Dam
Altınkaya Dam is located in Turkey
Altınkaya Dam
Location of Altınkaya Dam in Turkey
Official name Altınkaya Dam
Location Samsun, Turkey
Coordinates 41°21′49.08″N 35°43′28.43″E / 41.3636333°N 35.7245639°E / 41.3636333; 35.7245639Coordinates: 41°21′49.08″N 35°43′28.43″E / 41.3636333°N 35.7245639°E / 41.3636333; 35.7245639
Construction began 1980
Opening date 1988
Operator(s) State Hydraulic Works (DSİ)
Dam and spillways
Impounds Kızılırmak
Height 195 m (640 ft)
Length 634 m (2,080 ft)
Creates Lake Altınkaya Dam

The Altınkaya Dam is a rock-fill dam for irrigation and hydro power purposes, located on the River Kızılırmak, 23 km south of Bafra and 35 km west of Samsun in northern Turkey. It feeds Lake of Derbent.

Having a dam volume of 15,920,000 m³, Altınkaya Dam was completed in 1988. It has a storage volume of 5,763 billion m³ in a reservoir area at normal water surface elevation of 118.31 km².

Total power from the facility is 4 x 175 MW, for an installed capacity of 700 MW MW giving an annual electricity production of 1,632 GWh.[1]

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