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Borough of Amsterdam
Canal in Jordaan, Amsterdam-Centrum.
Canal in Jordaan, Amsterdam-Centrum.
Amsterdam-Centrum as part of Amsterdam
Amsterdam-Centrum as part of Amsterdam
Country  Netherlands
Province North Holland
Municipality (Gemeente) Amsterdam
Borough (Stadsdeel) Amsterdam-Centrum
 • Total 8.04 km2 (3.10 sq mi)
 • Total 86,418
 • Density 11,000/km2 (28,000/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Area code(s) 020

Amsterdam-Centrum is the inner-most borough and historical city centre of Amsterdam, containing the majority of the city's landmarks. Established in 2002, Amsterdam-Centrum was the last area in the city to be granted the status of self-governing borough. The borough is only 8.04 km2 large and covers the old innercity and the UNESCO-listed Amsterdam canal belt. In 2013, the borough had approximately 85,000 inhabitants, who on average had the second-highest income per household in the city and one of the highest in the country.[1]

Neighborhoods of Amsterdam-Centrum[edit]

Borough government[edit]

Westerkerk, Jordaan, Amsterdam-Centrum.

Until 2014, the Amsterdam boroughs, called stadsdelen or 'districts', were governed by a directly elected district council (deelraad) as well as a separate district executive board, the members of which were appointed and controlled by the council. Since the 2014 municipal elections, the district councils have been abolished and replaced by smaller, but still directly elected district committees (bestuurscommissies).[2] The district committees are elected every four years, on the same day as the city's central municipal council. Each district committee elects three of its members to form an executive committee (dagelijks bestuur). The district committees' jurisdiction is determined by the central municipal council. Responsibilities delegated to the 2014-2018 district committees include parks and recreation, streets and squares, refuse collection, permits and events, preparation of zoning plans, passports and drivers licenses, and welfare work.[3]

The former district council of Amsterdam-Centrum originally had 27 members but was enlarged in 2006 with two extra members. The last district executive board president was Jeanine van Pinxteren (GL) (2010–2014), who had succeeded Els Iping (PvdA) (2006–2010) and Anne Lize van der Stoel (VVD) (2002–2006).

District council seats
Election PvdA VVD GL SP D66 AA/DG CDA Mokum Mobiel Total
2002 7 7 6 - 3 2 - 1 1 27
2006 7 6 6 5 2 2 1 - - 29
2010 5 6 8 3 7 - - - - 29
Dam Square, Amsterdam-Centrum.

The new district committee of Amsterdam-Centrum[4] consists of 13 members. The committee was elected on March 19, 2014. Five national political parties are represented in the committee. On April 7, 2014, the committee elected its executive committee. Executive committee chair is Boudewijn Oranje (D66), the other members are Jeanine van Pinxteren (GL) and Roeland Rengelink (PvdA).[5]

District Committee Centrum D66 GL PvdA SP VVD
2014 elections[6] 5 2 2 2 2

The borough office (stadsdeelkantoor or 'district office') of Amsterdam-Centrum is located at City Hall, also known as the Stopera building.[7]


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