Ancient theatre of Taormina

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The ancient theatre of Taormina

The Ancient theatre of Taormina (Italian: Teatro antico di Taormina) is an ancient Greek theatre in Taormina, Sicily, built in the third century BC.


A Hellenistic theatre stood at Taormina from around the third century BC. The remains of another Hellenistic building have been found under the Roman cavea. Under Roman rule, the theatre was rebuilt, probably around the time of Hadrian or Trajan. It was remodelled in the third century AD, with the orchestra turned into an arena and the stage removed.[1]


The ancient theatre had a diameter of 107 metres (351 ft) and could hold around 10,000 spectators. It is one of the oldest theatres in Magna Graeca to have curved cavea, rather than the older trapezoidal design. The cavea were divided into nine sections. On either side of the skene was a basilica.[2] Today, the theatre is used as a venue for the annual arts festival Taormina Arte.[3]

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