Andrew G. White

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Andrew G. White
Born Australia
Residence Australia
Fields quantum optics, quantum information science
Institutions University of Queensland, Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of Konstanz
Alma mater Australian National University, University of Queensland
Known for Quantum computing
Influences Professor Hans A. Bachor, Paul G. Kwiat
Influenced Jeremy L. O'Brien, Geoff. J. Pryde

Andrew G. White FAA is an Australian scientist and is currently Professor of Physics and a Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. He is also Director of the University of Queensland Quantum technology Laboratory;[1] Deputy-Director of the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum systems,[2] and a Program Manager in the ARC Centre for Quantum Computer and Communication Technology.[3] (He has been a founding member of three Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence,[4][5][6]).

He researches in quantum optics, quantum information science and fundamental quantum science. His highly cited publications include work on how to create and detect an optical vortex,[7] sources of quantum entanglement,[8] quantum tomography,[9] and demonstration of the first entangling version of a quantum logic gates.[10]

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