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Angela Carrasco (born January 23, 1952 in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic) when 7, she first appeared in the advertising world, singing the theme for a drink, pretty catchy tune that was composed by Salvador Sturla.

Carrasco was one of a group of Latin American divas in the 1970s. This group also included Susana Giménez, Charytín, Iris Chacón, Ednita Nazario, Yolandita Monge and Rocío Dúrcal.

Carrasco moved to Spain from her native country. In Spain, she enjoyed wild success. She had her first big hit when she was chosen to play Mary Magdalen together with Camilo Sesto in the first Spanish version of Jesus Christ Superstar in the mid-1970s. She also hit the airwaves strongly in the late 1970s, with songs such as "Cariño Mio" ("Love of Mine") and "Quererte a Ti" ("Loving You"). "Quererte a Ti" in particular gave her much exposure all over Latin America, in the United States and Europe. She later had a great comeback with albums such as Dama del Caribe and Candela, as well as Angela. Her single "Boca Rosa" peaked at number-one in the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart in late 1988.[1]

Angela continues to make music, and after her recent A Puro Dolor, she released a new album, Muy Personal, which includes some new songs in new styles as well as remakes of some of her most famous songs such as "No, no hay nadie mas" and "No se como amarle" from Jesus Christ Superstar. Her voice continues to be strong and her music fresh and unique. She has also taken several steps into Theater. In 1993, Carrasco earned the Lo Nuestro Award for Tropical Female Artist of the Year.[2]


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