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Anina Net Model and Fashion Technologist
Anina Net by Thomas Paquet

Anina, also known by the pseudonym,[1] is an American-born German international fashion model, conference speaker, blogger,[2] fashion technology innovator, wearables developer, and event producer. She is listed as #7 in the Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech.[3] Anina is the CEO and founder of 360Fashion Network.[4][5][6] Anina evolved from a model to a fashion industry pioneer when she developed Intel Curie-powered shape-shifting robot dresses showcased on ABC7News.[7][8] Anina went on to develop for Intel[9] the 360Fashion Network's smart gloves worn by 162 dancers on CCTV's Chinese New Year Festival Gala show, "Spring Wind" performance.[10][11] The smart gloves are powered by Intel's Curie with the LED light pattern generated using gesture recognition.[12] PBS Television shot a documentary about Anina interviewed by Robert Cringely at the start of 360Fashion Network as the first fashion blogger network. PBS Television's Nerd TV[13] interviewed Anina as the 9th guest and the first woman in the series about the future of mobile technology. CRI Radio in China filmed a documentary titled "My China Life".[14] CNet wrote, "In blogs, and Anina, we trust"[15] citing her as one of the star attractions at Les Blogs 2.0.

In the summer of 2019, Anina and 360Fashion Network hosted the Diversity Meets Technology online summit kicking off the launch of 360Fashion tech maker kits at New York Fashion Week and robotic dresses at a Melange Fashion show on September 6, 2019.[16] The diversity and technology online summit is the first of its kind to explore the topics of diverse technologies and people in fashion, technology, business, and innovation, with leaders from the tech and fashion industries including Sandy Carter, Anin and Elliot Carlyle, and many others.[17]

On March 21, 2019, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago launched "Wired to Wear," an exhibition featuring 1000 wearables including a wireless charging wallet in hot pink developed by 360Fashion Network and designed by Anina Net.[18] The 360Fashion Network charging wallet in hot pink is named business woman after Sandy Carter, an American business-woman, speaker and author.[19] It was with the help of fashion tech pioneers like Anina Net that MSI museum curators were able to understand what fashion technology is about and also know which key partners they needed to connect with, in the fast-moving tech space.[20] The MSI Chicago Museum shop is also selling 360Fashion Network's products: Urban Mobility Scarf, MetaGem Smart Notification Ring, iLLUMINATED JEWELRY, and LED Ribbon.[21]

Several of Anina's fashion technology products are showcased the at Target Open House in San Francisco, CA, including a wireless charging wallet, 360Fash Tech Kit, and Smart Safety Ring.[22] The 360Fash Tech Kits are for fashion designers who do not code or solder to create smart garments and accessories with 360Fashion Netwoout-of-the-boxe box solutions.[buzzword][23]

Anina has spoken at several places, including Wearable USA,[24] Printed Electronics USA,[25] FASHIONTECH Berlin,[26] Fashion Futures Korea,[27] AVANTEX PARIS,[28] The Tax office of the Netherlands,[29] The Arts Plus Conference,[30] Codame Art+Tech,[31] Hardware Massive,[32] and Les Blogs.[33]

She has a following in China.[34][35] China Central Television awarded her "China's top foreign model" in 2009.[36] She also has her own line of Anime-inspired clothes, "aninaMINEme"[37] and NFC cuffs to easily exchange information while shaking hands.[38] Anina Net has never stopped investigating and educating brands, officials, and consumers about the growing opportunities of the quickly evolving wearable technology market in China.[39] also produces fashion technology events in Asia[40] such as the 360Fashion&Tech Expo (in its 5th year)[41][42] together with the China National Garment Association CHIC show, which has over 125,000 people in attendance[43][44] and the first high tech runway fashion show in China at the Mobile World Congress, Shanghai.[45][46] She produced the IBM 360Fashionboxech Innovation Awards in the United States in November 2015,[47] though her first exhibition was in 2004, called "a new kind of supermodel" at Molière's house in Paris under the art posthume movement.[48] Anina was the first model blogger, starting in 2004 with a document filmed on her Nouvo CH TV in Paris.[49][50] In 2005 her modeling agency gave her an ultimatum to stop blogging. She refused to quit and was forced to join another agency.[51][52]

Events produced[edit]

Year Title Notable Designers and Technologists Notable Collaboration Attendance
2017 360Fashion & Tech “Visibility and Mobility” Exhibition, Detroit Michal Starost, RFactory, Azrael.YM, VR Guy, Carly Rose the Label Detroit Garment Group, Lear Corporation 150
2017 360Fashion & Tech Forum

How to Merge Fashion and Technology, Beijing

Azrael.YM, Biman Najika Liyanage China Fashion Group, ESMOD Beijing 50
2016 360Fashion & Tech "Fashion Tech Day” Exhibition, Workshops, Forum, Amsterdam Michal Starost, RFactory, Moon Berlin, Pauline van Dongen, Ineke Siersema, Miranda Hoogervorst Fashion Technology LAB, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Makerversity Amsterdam
2016 360Fashion & Tech Event at Beijing Design Week: The Future of Fashion Technology: How Fashion Designers are Creating Intelligent Clothing, Beijing Mitch Altman, Yaxia Liu, Ph.D., Wu Yingnan, Li Ying, Paclantic, Beijing Design Week

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Tsinghua University, RFactory, Sunlectric Co.,Ltd, 751DPark 100
2015 IBM 360 Fashion Tech Startup Runway & Innovation Awards, San Francisco Rami Kadi, Rebecca Minkoff, Theia, Nicholas K, Valentina Kova, Moon Berlin, Howard Rheingold, Sandy Carter SFSU Design School Exhibition 501
2015 CHIC 360 Fashion & Tech Smart Fashion Expo, Shanghai Misfit Shine, Electroloom, Patricia Flanagan Motion Detection Dress with RFactory and Maker Collider, 360 VR Experience of Expo 125,000
2015 MEF 360 Fashion & Tech Exhibition, Barcelona Michael Starost, Google AR, Motorola Smart Watch Wearable technology exhibition 1,000
2014 When Meets Fashion Tech in China, San Francisco Andy Gringon, Bruce Bateman Dolby Theatre, SF 120
2014 "When Technology Meets Fashion, Polish Embassy, Beijing" Professor Ding, Beijing Fashion Institute of Technology, Samsung Media Center American, Finnish, Australian Embassies, Beijing Design Week 100
2014 GSMA-360Fashion & Tech Runway Show, Shanghai' Michael Starost, Top 10 Chinese University Design Schools Launched Robotic Dress, Laser Dresses, Misfit Shine Dress 4,000 + 250 fashion brand representatives
2014 CHIC 360Fashion & Tech Expo, Beijing Pekka Salokannel, Colors of Birch 3D printing exhibition of fashion and TierTime jewelry 100,000
2014 3D Festival at Beijing Design Week, Beijing Moon Berlin, Michael Starost, TierTime, Bruce Bateman, SeeedStudio Won: Best Digital Exhibition; Collaboration: Cafa University 80,000
2013 CHIC 360Fashion&Tech Expo, Beijing Guopei, Feize, Aurasma, Total Immersion Esmod School of Design, Beijing 125,000
2013 3D Festival at Beijing Design Week, Beijing TierTime, Technode, Tainyou Won: Best Digital Exhibition 80,000
2012 CHIC 360Fashion&Tech Expo, Beijing Aurasma, Nokia Esmod School of Fashion 100,000+
2010 360Fashion&Tech International Brand Building Conference, Beijing Pauline Su, China Fashion Designers Association Xiahua, CEO Evegroup 200


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