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Ann Penelope Marston (August 7, 1938 – March 6, 1971) was an unrivaled archery champion prior to her death from stroke, caused by complications of diabetes, at age 32. She was the U.S.A. National Archery Champion from 1949-1960.

Born in England, Marston won her first target archery title there when she was nine. One week after moving to the U.S.A. with her parents in 1949 she won her Cadet archery title, breaking all records as a junior until 1953. In 1954 she began competing in the Adult division at the age of fifteen; she competed in the National Field Tournament and won, establishing three new records. Marston won a total of 11 national archery titles and established all-time records; she was also an accomplished singer and horsewoman. She was elected to the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 1977.[1]

Marston also held the Miss Michigan 1959 title, and competed in the Miss America 1960 pageant where her archery performance won the talent award.


Preceded by
Patience Pierce Panski
Miss Michigan
Succeeded by
Nancy Fleming