Anne's Beach

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A view of Anne's Beach
A view of Anne's Beach in the opposite direction overlooking a parking lot
A broadwalk connects two parking lots at Anne's Beach Park
Anne's Beach is a nice birdwatching site

Anne's Beach is located at Lower Matecumbe Key, Florida. The Islamorada Beach is dedicated to local environmentalist Anne Eaton. There are 2 parking lots approximately 1/4 mile apart on US-1 at MM 73. Anne's Beach features a shallow swimming area, covered picnic tables, boardwalk and bathroom facilities.

This Keys Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean, but there is almost no wave action, due to the wide expanse of shallow water typical for Florida Keys beaches. Visitors can enjoy the clear and warm waters year round.

Typical of Anne's Beach is the shallow and warm to very warm waters all year around that one can stay in for hours enjoying the sun. The sandbar is composed entirely of calcium carbonate.

Anne's Beach is a popular destination for kiteboarders,[1] and due to its wide expanse of shallow water, it presents a good learning environment for beginning kiteboarders.

The beach is currently closed as most of the beach and all of the boardwalk and structures were destroyed by Hurricane Irma.


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