Another Fine Mess (Skyclad album)

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Another Fine Mess
Skyclad Anotherfinemess.jpg
Live album by Skyclad
Released September 4, 2001
Genre Folk metal
Label Demolition Records
Producer Kevin Ridley
Skyclad chronology
Another Fine Mess
Live at the Dynamo
(2002)Live at the Dynamo2002

Another Fine Mess is the first major live release by British folk metal band Skyclad. Tracks 1-8 are from the Dynamo festival in 1995, and 9-12 are acoustic reworkings of old Skyclad songs which first appeared on the limited edition Outrageous Fourtunes EP.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro" (Live)
  2. "Another Fine Mess" (Live)
  3. "Cardboard City" (Live)
  4. "Art-Nazi" (Live)
  5. "The Wickedest Man in the World" (Live)
  6. "The One Piece Puzzle" (Live)
  7. "Still Spinning Shrapnel" (Live)
  8. "Just What Nobody Wanted" (Live)
  9. "Sins of Emission" (acoustic)
  10. "Land of the Rising Slum" (acoustic)
  11. "Alone in Death's Shadow" (acoustic)
  12. "Spinning Jenny" (acoustic)