Antoni Benedykt Lubomirski

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Antoni Benedykt Lubomirski
Antoni Benedykt Lubomirski.PNG
Coat of arms Lubomirski
Herb Lubomirski.PNG
Spouse(s) Anna Zofia Ożarowska
Full name
Antoni Benedykt Konstanty Lubomirski
Family Lubomirski
Father Jerzy Dominik Lubomirski
Mother Magdalena Tarło
Born 18th century
Died 1761

Prince Antoni Benedykt Konstanty Lubomirski (died 1761) was a Polish szlachcic.

Owner of Połonne, Międzyrzecz and Miropol. General Major of the Crown Army, Lieutenant General since 1753, Great Sword-bearer of the Crown since 1754.

Marshal of the Sejm (zwyczajnego), 3 October – 14 November 1746.

Awarded with the Order of the White Eagle on 3 August 1757 in Warsaw