Michał Józef Massalski

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Michał Józef Masalski
Michał Józef Massalski.PNG
Coat of arms Masalski POL COA Masalski Książę III.svg
Consort Franciszka Ogińska
Family Masalski
Father Jan Masalski
Mother Anna Wołłowicz
Born c. 1700
Died 1768

Prince Michał Józef Masalski (c. 1700–1768) was a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman (szlachcic).

He was Grand Clerk of Lithuania from 1726, voivode of Mscislaw Voivodeship from 1737, castellan of Troki from 1742, castellan of Vilnius and Field Hetman of Lithuania from 1744, and Great Lithuanian Hetman from 1762. He was Marshal of the Convocation Sejm from 27 April to 23 May 1733 in Warsaw.