Aqua Aqua

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Aqua Aqua
Aqua Aqua
European PlayStation 2 cover art
Developer(s) Zed Two
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
  • JP: November 2, 2000
  • EU: November 24, 2000
  • NA: January 9, 2001
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player, Two player VS

Aqua Aqua, known in Japan as Aquaqua (アクアアクア?), and in Europe as Aqua Aqua: Wetrix 2, is a puzzle video game for the PlayStation 2 and is the sequel to game Wetrix. It offers fewer features than Wetrix, but it features improved graphics and a new story mode. The aim of the story mode is to travel through four eras and survive attacks from monsters from each one. To survive the attacks simply get enough points to power up the shield. There is also an unlockable world if the player gets enough points. The game also offers a two player vs mode and a single player puzzle mode.

The title was a launch game for the PlayStation 2 release in Europe.

Game modes[edit]

  • Training: How to play the game. The player must complete all eight training levels before vs mode and story mode are unlocked.
  • Story Mode: The player must play through the eras surviving the attacks from monsters. Each level has three waves of attacks.
  • Quick Puzzle: The player must aim to get the highest score in this mode.
  • VS mode: Play against an opponent.

The game supports up to 2 players and does not feature online support.

Game play[edit]

Gameplay in Aqua Aqua is similar to that of its predecessor Wetrix, with some differences[clarification needed].


Aggregate score
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 79/100[1]
Review scores
Publication Score
AllGame 4/5 stars[2]
Edge 7/10[3]
EGM 6/10[4]
Game Informer 6/10[5]
GamePro 4.5/5 stars[6]
Game Revolution C+[7]
GameSpot 7.1/10[8]
IGN 7.7/10[9]
OPM (US) 2/5 stars[10]
PSM 7/10[11]

The game received "generally favorable reviews" according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[1]


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