Archiva Vol. 1

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Archiva Vol. 1
Compilation album by Asia
Released 1996
Recorded 1988-96
Genre Progressive rock
Length 49:19
Label Snapper Music [1]
InsideOut Music
Producer John Payne
Geoffrey Downes
Asia chronology
Archiva Vol. 1
Archiva Vol. 2
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[2]

Archiva Vol. 1 is a collection of outtakes and previously unreleased tracks by progressive rock band Asia.

The band had previously completed work on the album Arena in 1995. When they returned to their studio in 1996 they found that a pipe had burst and had ruined thousands of pounds worth of equipment. Despite this a large number of unreleased tracks which had failed to make the previous three albums survived and were quickly considered for a new Asia release.

"I Believe" is not the same track as on the Asia album Omega.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Heart of Gold" (Downes, Payne) Recorded 1991
  2. "Tears" (Downes, Johnny Warman) Recorded 1988
  3. "Fight Against the Tide" (Nye, Payne) Recorded 1991
  4. "We Fall Apart" (Downes, Payne) Recorded 1995
  5. "The Mariner's Dream" (Payne) Recorded 1994
  6. "Boys from Diamond City" (Downes, Warman) Recorded 1988
  7. "A.L.O." (Nye, Payne) Recorded 1989
  8. "Reality" (Downes, Payne) Recorded 1993
  9. "I Can't Wait a Lifetime" (Nye, Payne) Recorded 1989
  10. "Dusty Road" (Bacon, Downes) Recorded 1988
  11. "I Believe" (Nye, Payne) Recorded 1987
  12. "Ginger" (Downes, Howe, Payne) Recorded 1996



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