Arctophila fulva

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Arctophila fulva
Arctophila fulva.jpg
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Clade: Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Pooideae
Supertribe: Poodae
Tribe: Poeae
Genus: Arctophila
Rupr. ex Andersson
A. fulva
Binomial name
Arctophila fulva
(Trin.) Andersson
  • Poa sect. Arctophila Rupr.
  • Poa fulva Trin.
  • Glyceria fulva (Trin.) Fr.
  • Colpodium fulvum (Trin.) Griseb.
  • Graphephorum fulvum (Trin.) A.Gray
  • Glyceria pendulina Laest. ex Wahlenb.
  • Molinia pendulina (Laest. ex Wahlenb.) Hartm.
  • Poa pendulina (Laest. ex Wahlenb.) J.Vahl
  • Poa deflexa Rupr.
  • Poa laestadii Rupr.
  • Poa latiflora Rupr.
  • Poa poecilantha Rupr.
  • Poa remotiflora Rupr.
  • Poa similis Rupr.
  • Poa trichoclada Rupr.
  • Colpodium pendulinum (Laest. ex Wahlenb.) Griseb.
  • Colpodium pendulinum var. simile (Rupr.) Griseb.
  • Graphephorum pendulinum (Laest. ex Wahlenb.) A.Gray
  • Colpodium malmgrenii Andersson
  • Colpodium mucronatum Beal
  • Arctophila brizoides Greene
  • Arctophila chrysantha Greene
  • Arctophila effusa Lange
  • Arctophila effusa f. depauperata Nath.
  • Arctophila fulva f. aristata (Polunin) Scoggan
  • Arctophila fulva subsp. pendulina (Laest.) Á.Löve & D.Löve
  • Arctophila fulva subsp. similis (Rupr.) Tzvelev
  • Arctophila gracilis Greene
  • Arctophila laestadii Rupr.
  • Arctophila latiflora Rupr.
  • Arctophila mucronata Hack. ex Vasey
  • Arctophila poecilantha Rupr.
  • Arctophila remotiflora Rupr.
  • Arctophila trichoclada Rupr.
  • Arctophila trichopoda Holm

Arctophila is a genus of Arctic and Subarctic plants in the grass family.[4][5][6] The only known species is Arctophila fulva, commonly known as pendant grass, native to northern parts of Eurasia and North America (Russia, Finland, Sweden, Svalbard, Greenland, Alaska, Canada).[3][7][8][9]

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