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A number of organizations, museums, and monuments are intended to serve as memorials to the Armenian Genocide and its over 1 million victims.


The following table shows the major memorials around the world dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims.

Image Memorial Location Date
ErmeniSoykirimAniti.jpg Huşartsan Memorial (Turkish: Taksim Ermeni Soykırımı Anıtı) Taksim Square, Allied-occupied Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul, Turkey) 1919–1922[1][2][3]
Armenian Catholicossate of Cilicia - Genocide Memorial chapel.jpg Memorial Chapel Armenian Catholicossate of Cilicia, Antelias, Lebanon 1938
Armenian Genocide Memorial, Armenian Church, Kolkata.jpg Armenian Genocide Memorial Kolkata, West Bengal, India 1965
Մայր աթոռ136.JPG Memorial khachkar Etchmiadzin Cathedral compound, Vagharshapat, Armenia 1965
Armenian Genocide Memorial, Watertown, Massachusetts.jpg Armenian Genocide Memorial Watertown, Massachusetts, United States 1965
The Armenian Genocide memorial in Bikfaya (closer angle).JPG Armenian Genocide Memorial Bikfaya, Lebanon 1965
Armenian Genocide Memorial - Yerevan (2903020364).jpg Tsitsernakaberd (Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute) Yerevan, Armenia 1967
Armenian Genocide Memorial, Montebello, California.jpg Montebello Genocide Memorial Montebello, California, United States 1968
Monumentgenocideprado.jpg Marseille Genocide Memorial (avenue du Prado) Marseilles, France 1973[4]
Armenian Genocide memorial in Saint Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran.jpg Armenian Genocide Memorial Saint Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran, Iran 1973
Armenian Genocide Memorial Holy Savior Cathedral, New Julfa, Isfahan, Iran 1975
Plaza conmemorativa del genocidio,martires armenios.JPG Armenian Martyrs Memorial St. Nerses Shnorhali Church, Montevideo, Uruguay 1975[5]
Philadelphia Museum of Art - Armenian Genocide memorial.jpg Armenian Genocide memorial Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 1980s[6]
Armenian Genocide Memorial in Der Zor, Syria.jpg Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex Der Zor, Syria 1990-2014
Armenian Genocide Monument in Nicosia.jpg Armenian Genocide Monument Nicosia, Cyprus 1990
Armenian Genocide memorial in Aleppo Syria at the Armenian church 40 martyrs.jpg Armenian Genocide memorial Cathedral of the Forty Martyrs, Aleppo, Syria 28 May 1991
Mount Davidson cross.jpg Armenian Genocide Monument on Mt. Davidson San Francisco, California, United States 1997
Armenian Genocide Memorial Montreal.jpg Armenian Genocide Memorial Canada Marcelin-Wilson Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1998
Armenian Martyrs Memorial Providence RI.jpg Armenian Martyrs Memorial Providence, Rhode Island, United States 1999
Memorial Chapel to the Armenian Genocide in Margadeh Syrian desert.jpg Holy Resurrection Church
(site of mass grave in the Syrian desert discovered in the early 90s)[7]
Margadeh village, Syria 1999
Mother Arising Out of the Ashes.jpg Mother Arising Out of the Ashes, memorial statue Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Park, Yerevan, Armenia 2002
Memorial to Père Komitas and victims of the Armenian Genocide Jardin D'Erevan, Paris, France 2003
Marseille Genocide Memorial (avenue du 24 avril 1915) Marseille, France 2006[8][9]
ArmMartyrsMemorial Chelmsford Armenian Martyrs Memorial on the grounds of Saints Vartanantz Armenian Orthodox Church Chelmsford, Massachusetts, United States 2005
Khachkar Bremen Khachkar in Nelson-Mandela-Park Bremen, Germany 2005
Lyon Armenian Genocide Memorial2.jpg Lyon Armenian Genocide Memorial Lyon, France 2006
Larnaca 01-2017 img12 Armenian Genocide Memorial.jpg Armenian Genocide Memorial Larnaca, Cyprus 2008
Armenian Heritage Park.jpg Armenian Heritage Park Boston, Massachusetts, United States 2012
Genocide memorial in Almelo 1.JPG Genocidemonument Almelo, the Netherlands 2014
Armenian Genocide Monument California State University, Fresno, Fresno, California 2015


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