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Fowl Family
Artemis Fowl character
First appearanceArtemis Fowl
Created byEoin Colfer
ParentsArtemis Fowl I, Angeline Fowl
ChildrenArtemis Fowl II, Myles Fowl, Beckett Fowl

The Fowl Family is a criminal family in the fictional teen series Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. It currently consists of Artemis Fowl I, his wife Angeline Fowl, twins Myles and Beckett and the main character of the Artemis Fowl series, Artemis Fowl II.

The family motto of the Fowl family is Aurum Potestas Est (Gold is Power), or sometimes known as Aurum Est Potestas.


Artemis Fowl I[edit]

Artemis Fowl I is the patriarch of the Irish Fowl family, the husband of Angeline Fowl and the father of Artemis Fowl II. He is a former crime lord, but some time before the start of the first book, he decided to move all of the family's assets into legitimate enterprises. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he attempts to create trade connections with Russia. He takes the family ship, the Fowl Star, loaded with 250 thousand cans of cola from Ireland to Russia, but he is intercepted and kidnapped by the Russian Mafiya near Murmansk, Russia.[1] When the Mafiya find him after the explosion, his leg is missing.[2] After over a year of not being found, he is declared legally dead by the courts. The fact that the family lost much money over his death motivated his son Artemis Fowl II to take on the exploits that occur in the first book.[2] Much of the money accumulated in this and other ventures is spent directly on financing unsuccessful rescue expeditions in the Arctic. In the second book, The Arctic Incident, Artemis Fowl receives a message from the Russian Mafiya that they have his father, and sets out to rescue the man while helping save "The People" from the Goblin Revolution by defeating the masterminds.

Artemis Fowl II[edit]

Artemis Fowl II is the main character of the Artemis Fowl series. He is the son of Artemis Fowl I and Angeline Fowl. He is commonly referred to as simply "Artemis". Artemis is often called by his mother's pet name Arty ( also by his father, Juliet and Occasionally Holly Short). He is extremely intelligent, having contributed to the fictional scientific journal The Psychologist's Journal under a pseudonym,[3] Dr. F. Roy Dean Schlippe, and having the "highest tested IQ in Europe".[4] He thinks puberty is somewhat a pain. After the fifth book, it is known that he now has a hazel eye (courtesy of Captain Holly Short) and his index and middle fingers have switched places during a little time travel. He is possibly the only person who understands Foaly's little gizmos. Artemis is known now to also have a bit of magic in him, although his theft leads him to develop Atlantis Complex. He later has it treated.

Angeline Fowl[edit]

Angeline Fowl is the wife of Artemis Fowl I and the mother of Artemis Fowl II. After the disappearance of her husband, she goes into a state of insanity and depression. She is described by a school counselor as having no control over Artemis's behavior, allowing Artemis to engage in the illegitimate money-making enterprises in and before the first book. She calls Artemis "Arty" like how his father does. Her name is also often used for Artemis' faux letters, emails and phone calls.

Beckett Fowl[edit]

Beckett Fowl is mentioned briefly in the Artemis Fowl books Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox and Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex. He is the younger of the pair of twins. He seems to have average intelligence and is fond of pointing at himself and speaking of himself in the third person, but is also quite resourceful. Beckett doesn't seem to realise what certain words mean, as he refers to himself more than once as a 'simple-toon'. He has a taste for odd foods, which includes a mix of espresso and treacle, and hamsters.

After getting a taste of Artemis's hamster, Artemis put a lock on his lab. While Beckett's twin Myles cracked the code after several days, Beckett dug a bear trap for Myles and swapped the code for a ladder. In Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian, Beckett is shown to be unique amongst the Fowl brothers in being as co-ordinated as his brothers are not, as he attacks a gnome serving Opal Koboi. This strength and resilience in the face of danger attracts the attention of Oro, leader of the Berzerkers, who chooses to possess Beckett. Beckett only surfaces briefly when Koboi has allows him to regain control, expecting intelligent conversation from a Fowl, and is therefore surprised when Beckett reacts with enough speed to punch her. At the end of the novel, Oro is partly freed from the thrall so the spirit of warlock Bruin Fadda, the final seal on a spell that could destroy humanity, can converse freely regarding Koboi's plan. This act ultimately causes Opal's death, as when she orders Oro to kill her clone following her failure, Oro uses Beckett's body to stab Koboi.

Myles Fowl[edit]

Myles Fowl is the elder and more obviously intelligent of the Fowl twins, Myles is much like Artemis. He potty trained himself at fourteen months, building a ladder of encyclopedias to reach the toilet. In Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian it is mentioned he is a decade above his age.

In Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex it is mentioned that Myles contaminated one of Artemis's Petri dishes when he wanted a sample for his own experiments. After Artemis put a lock on his lab door, Myles stayed at the door for three days trying to crack the combination, he used several rolls of toilet paper writing down the possibilities. The combination, was given to Beckett when Myles fell in a hole Beckett dug in the Fowl garden and swapped the combination in return for a ladder.

In Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian Myles is taken over by the Beserkers, spirits that are sworn to kill humans. Myles resists and is freed by Artemis. He gives Artemis all the information that he knows about the beserkers but thinks that Artemis can not lose, even though Artemis was having doubts himself.

Lord Hugo de Folé[edit]

Hugo de Fole was the principal of Virgil Butler. First Fowl to have a Butler apprenticed to him during the Norman conquest of England. May be the same as Lord Hugh Fowl.

Lord Hugh Fowl[edit]

Hugh Fowl was the original owner of Fowl Manor. May be the same as Lord Hugo de Folé.


In the Artemis Fowl series, the members of the Fowl family are infamous in the criminal underworld,[1] also having an Interpol file the size of a small library. Over the years, various Fowls attempted to gain enough money to become legitimate, then decided such business wasn't to their liking and almost immediately returned to crime.[5] The Fowl's billionaire status was put into jeopardy after the latest legitimate venture by Artemis Fowl I. Having previously controlled a criminal empire extending from the Dublin dockyards to Tokyo, he was partly influenced by his wife Angeline to move out of crime, and attempted to export cola to Russia aboard the Fowl Star, just after the Soviet Union had collapsed. However, the Russian Mafiya sunk the Fowl Star, wiping out a large chunk of the family finances. This prompted the 12-year-old prodigy Artemis Fowl II to start a two-year crime spree to secure the family fortune, which eventually led him to discover the People, becoming the first human in history to extort fairy gold from the LEP, surviving the deadly combination of a bio-bomb and a time-stop along the way.


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