Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs

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Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs
Type Public
Established 1999[1]
Director Barry White[2]
Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Campus Urban

The Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs is an institute within the Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton University. It offers two programs: the four-year Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (B.PAPM) and the ten-month Master's of Political Management.

It was founded in 1999 and is named after former senior Canadian public servant Arthur Kroeger.[1]

Degree Granting[edit]

As a College rather than a department, it has an institutional status at Carleton equivalent to the School of Journalism, which offers a Bachelor of Journalism degree (B.J.), and the College of the Humanities, which offers the Bachelor of Humanities (B.Hum.). Each of these units have higher admission requirements than their faculty norms, and distinct, well-respected degree programs.


Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management[edit]

The Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management is a specialized four-year honours degree dedicated to the study of public policy within an interdisciplinary framework. Students completing a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management are required to complete a series of "core courses" throughout their undergraduate career.[3] Each student must complete a one-semester (0.5 credit) capstone seminar as well as an undergraduate thesis: an Honours Research Essay (HRE) in order to graduate.[3] Students pursue these courses according to their area of specialization.

Students have the option to complete a co-op designation as a part of their degree.[4] To graduate with co-op designation, it requires three four-month work terms.[5] Since students may only begin the co-op course in their second year, graduating with co-op designation requires a five-year degree rather than a four-year degree.

The degree is consistently regarded as one of Carleton's top undergraduate programs, alongside Journalism, Architecture and International Business. [6]

Areas of Specialization[edit]

It offers seven areas of specialization for undergraduates:[7]

  1. Communication and Information Technology Policy
  2. Development Studies
  3. Human Rights
  4. International Studies
  5. Public Policy and Administration
  6. Social Policy
  7. Strategic Public Opinion And Policy Analysis

Master's of Political Management[edit]

The Master's of Political Management is a ten-month program[8] which includes a ten-week internship in a minister's or a members' office.[9] The program offers "core courses" in Institutions and Governance, Strategic Communications, and Political Management.[9] Other courses include communications, management, and political marketing.[9][10]

The program was made possible by a $15 million donation from Clayton Riddell, after whom the program is named.[11] The implications of this donation was later criticized for allowing donor influence over the budget, hiring, and curriculum.[12] The agreement was later rewritten to clarify that the five-person steering committee does not have the power to "approve" hiring and curriculum decisions and instead only provides advice.[13]


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