Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve

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Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve
Location Le Domaine-du-Roy (Quebec), Canada
Nearest city Saint-Félicien, La Doré, Chibougamau
Coordinates 49°05′00″N 73°32′00″W / 49.083333°N 73.533333°W / 49.083333; -73.533333Coordinates: 49°05′00″N 73°32′00″W / 49.083333°N 73.533333°W / 49.083333; -73.533333
Area 4,488 square kilometres (1,733 sq mi)[1]
Governing body Sépaq and Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife
Website Official Site

The Wildlife Ashuapmushuan (the word Ashuapmushuan is a term in "Montagnais" Innu language language, meaning where we see the moose[2]) is a Wildlife Reserve of Quebec network of Réserves fauniques du Québec (SÉPAQ) on the watershed of Ashuapmushuan River. It is mainly located in the region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, between the municipality of La Doré and the city of Chibougamau, and covers an area of 4,488 square kilometres (1,733 sq mi).

This area was first visited by "Montagnais" Innu people who practiced the fur trade. With the arrival of Europeans in the area, several of the King Post settled near lakes Ashuapmushuan and Nicabau.[3]


Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in La Doré and Chibougamau, 325 kilometers north of Quebec City. It is crossed by the Route 167. This road provides access to the host South station and host Chigoubiche position, respectively located at km 33 and 113.


The area of the reserve is 4,487 square kilometres (1,732 sq mi). The territory is covered by a pine forest south with hardwood which gradually converts to the north by a forest of black spruce and jack pine.

The forest industry operates Forest Wildlife Reserve Ashuapmushuan under supply and forest management agreements (CAAF) granted by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Activities and facilities[edit]

In this Wildlife Reserve, eleven cottages located on the shore of Lake Chigoubiche to end rental boaters. Some of these cabins can accommodate two to three people and in the same area, seven cottages are fully equipped to accommodate four to six people. Moreover, the rest area Draveurs, at kilometre 48, has four rustic chalets equipped with a more basic equipment.

On the edge of Lake Dufferin, located a little further south, there is a single cottage for 6 people. Closer Quebec Route 167, an old building caretaker is available for groups up to 8 people. All the cottages are equipped with Wildlife propane equipment. The water is not potable throughout the reserve. Wildlife Reserve makes available to vacationers rowboats and kayaks.

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