Tursujuq National Park

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A waterfall on the Nastapoka River

Tursujuq National Park is a National Park of Quebec, Canada. Its creation was announced by the Province of Quebec on December 14, 2012,[1] and officially established on July 18, 2013.[2] Located on the east side of Hudson Bay near the Inuit village of Umiujaq, the park is one of North America's largest, with an area of 26,100 km2 (6.5 million acres). It will be managed by the Kativik Regional Government, which emcompasses most of the Nunavik region of Quebec.

The Clearwater Lakes, created by twin earth impacts, lie within the park, as do Richmond Gulf and the watershed of the Nastapoka River. The river hosts a population of landlocked freshwater harbour seals and salmon, and its mouth is a sanctuary for beluga whales.[3]

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